Tuesday, 29 October 2013

You Know You Spend Too Much Time On Twitter When........

You know you spend too much time on Twitter when......

You meet someone you have only ever talked to on Twitter and you don't know their real name, only their Twitter name.

You hashtag everything and are puzzled when people don't get it

You say something funny and you immediately think, that would get SO many retweets.

You haven't left the house out of choice for the last two months and still think you have a brilliant social life.

If your family want to know what you have been up to, they check your Twitter.

If your stalker wants to know what you've been up to, they check your Twitter.

You spend a long time explaining to people that Twitter is not just about telling people what you had for breakfast, and then tweet what you had for breakfast.

You cannot watch a television programme without an accompanying Twitter commentary.

Sometimes you don't even watch the programme, you just read the Twitter commentary.

You feel as if you have a special connection with Stephen Fry.

You look back on the FailWhale as the Golden Age of Twitter.

You are reading this post for the fourth time via a link that I've Tweeted.

And after reading, you go back and retweet it, because you want everyone else to read it via Twitter too. 

Big Fashionista x x x

Can you think of any that I've missed? Let me know.


  1. Word!

    My "how many twitterers does it take to change a light bulb?" post still gets a gazillion hits per month :D

  2. I've read this 3 times now! and I'll now RT it!........#TwitterConformist #NOTSorry #HashtaggingOnBlogger #ICantStop

  3. automatically clicking onto twitter even if you've just closed it

    finding out the news from twitter hashtags

    stopping mid conversation to tweet what you or the person you're talking to just said

    live tweeting your journey or lecture

  4. Hahahahahahahahah SO TRUE! x

  5. WORD!!!! Lol xx

  6. #5 is so,so true for our family - & I miss the Fail Whale


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