Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A Green Day to Dye

It is that time again, time to re-dye my hair.

I have had a terrible, terrible accident. 

Firstly, I had no Vaseline, rookie error, don't make it filthier than it sounds.

Then I only had one glove, (Sings Bob Marley, one glovvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee)

Then to top it off, i'm pretty clumsy, uncoordinated and altogether someone who should not be allowed to play with green hair dye without adult supervision.

The gloveless hand looks as if I have been fingering Kermit! The hand that had the glove on is probably not much better but that was because I took off the glove, then forgetting that I had taken the glove off, piled my hair on my head!!!

See? Adult supervision needed at all times. 

I also have one green ear, it was suggested that I use nail varnish remover to remove the stains but I only have a pot of Bourjois Magic Nail polish remover in the house and my ear just will not fit in the pot!!!

At one stage, the towel fell off my head and my hair slid down my back, meaning that, if I could actually see my back, I now imagine it looks as if I have SQUISHED Kermit and his innards are now outtards dripping town my back.

And let us not even TALK about how my scalp looks. (or the front of my head) 

This may be a job for a very heave foundation today, or a HUGE hat. (Or possibly both) 

Poor Kermit truly has been put throughout the ringer. (Literally, through a ringer until he couldn't take it anymore and he exploded across my bathroom)  (Unless you are my landlord, in which case, I am the BEST at applying hair dye, honest) 

I suppose that dyeing my hair green is still better than dyeing it red, that clear up is HEAVY duty, I always l end up looking as if I have some serious scalding going on when I dye my hair red, and my bathroom looks as if I have murdered someone. (The landlord stopped reading, didn't they?)

So give me YOUR tips for home dyeing. How do you stop yourself from looking as if you are a toddler who has been let loose in the paint cupboard. (No Landlord, there is not a paint cupboard) 

Give me your tips and tricks.

And can someone warn Kermit that he might want to ring a few people, just to let them know he is ok?


Big Fashionista x x


  1. Fingering Kermit! Bwahahaha. Love you.

  2. If you don't have Vaseline use hair conditioner, and to stop your hair falling down your back; wrap cling film around your hair or whack a shower cap on especially if you're going to use Manic Panic or directions and need to leave it on for a long time.

  3. Hahaha I don't think you need tips, just a big old stiff drink and paper bag with eye holes! x

  4. 1. Use someone else's bathroom.
    2. Get a friend to help.
    3. Get hold of some medical grade gloves.
    4. Move out at midnight!

  5. Oh dear!! I'm not the best placed to give tips I'm afraid - I got hair dye all over our old bathroom walls and got quite a hefty chunk deducted from the deposit!

  6. Do not go to the toilet because I guarantee you, some dye will find it's way onto the pristine white cistern....

  7. I have a new theory with hair dye. I colour my hair when I'm not at home. That way any stains are someone else's problem. And I have more pots of vaseline than the average branch of Boots.


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