Friday, 15 November 2013

Body Shaming by Superdrug

Before I go into the details, I want to say this. I have curves. A shed load of curves, even my curves have curves and yet I am STILL against any type of affirmation that puts down one group of people to make another group feel better. 

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that Superdrug had posted this picture on their Facebook page.

Firstly, let's not even start on the use of the word girls. 

Secondly, Hello, body shaming much?

So I posted this on their page. 

After approx 60 people pressed "Like" the whole post was quietly removed by Superdrug without a word.

No apology, just a quiet removal. 

So I posted again on their page asking if they were going to apologise for their body shaming. 

And this morning, found this reply.

I do not even want to discuss the smiley face at the end, why not just add the word, LOL at the end and have done with it?

THAT'S not an apology for body shaming, for alienating a type of woman and trying to make them feel that they aren't as good as another? 

That is a damn sorry excuse of an apology and I don't think it runs true. 

I have now posted again on their page. 

I would love your thoughts on this, and I am SURE Superdrug would too.

So let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x


So at 1pm this came through on Twitter.

And then 5 minutes ago this was on my comment on the Facebook wall.

I am frustrated. I think if they were serious about their apology then it would go out to everyone and not just be hidden away in a comment. I also find it hard to believe they celebrate ALL body types by saying that ones with curves are best. 

What do you think?


  1. Just wow. Girls are children, children don't have curves. WOMEN have curves and even then it's not every woman, and your body shape makes you no better than anyone else. How is it that the rules of discrimination are in place everywhere but the Superdrug Facebook?

    And that apology is frankly shit.

  2. Well done you!

    I hate the whole body shaming society we have right now. A brand posted up a photo of Victoria Beckham & Lena Dunham sitting next to each other. Most of the comments were 'she looks like she has a little girls body' or 'someone feed her a burger' about VB. Then there was comments like 'she needs to loose weight', 'she is fat' about LD. It's disgraceful.

    Don't even get me started on the term 'real women' that brands and media seem to love to much. That term needs to die!

    Urhh there is nothing worst than a smiley face when you are complaining about something. I complained to Yodel about a late package and when I finally got it they asked "if it was anything nice :)" oh do one!


  3. Well done I hate people that call women girls! Patronising advertising from superdrug

  4. Suprdrug just keeps on failing even at apologising. They surely would of known what the backclash would be like and then hiding rather patronising reponse hidden away. Damn I could do their job so much better!

  5. Bad grammar! The best ones 'got' curves... hate that word... so many better alternatives!

  6. Love how you picked them up on it. You go girl!!


  7. Love you picked them up on it. You go girl!


  8. This body image thing has been going for about a decade, and women of all body shape, and sizes are getting fed up of it. Superdrug's apology was infuriating, like they don't seem to understand what they've done wrong because they're just getting on the curvy vs skinny bandwagon. Yawn, Superdrug, yawn! Why doesn't the magazines and brands not see that the body shaming thing doesn't wash with us anymore. sigh! Time to celebrate women being women, no matter their size, shape and age! x

  9. Argh society can be such a bitch! If you're not a certain look, height,weight and etc you're not accepted. I hate that narrow minded thinking. I'm so glad that you spoke your piece of mind to Superdrug . I feel that Superdrug saw the whole thing as a joke which is highly disappointing. It's high time us women stand up for what's right x



  10. It's a load of bollox, they and other brands think that by throwing around a few tumblr posts about curves will appeal to the insecurities of young girls. Fair play x


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