Monday, 11 November 2013

Christmas comes early.

Don't get me wrong, by no stretch of the imagination am I a grinch. I love Christmas, adore Christmas. It is my favourite time of the year. All that happiness and yes, gift giving, warms my cold, dark heart into a gooey mess.


I have made my feelings perfectly clear on the fact that I am against Christmas starting in October, it is too early for me.

And now, on the weekend of the 9th of November I am being inundated with Christmas adverts.

This is my bitch face. I am NOT impressed.

Plus, I am just about to block the Bear and the Hare on Twitter as well. John Lewis you are working my last nerve. (Along with giving me Watership Down flashbacks that are leaving me shaking in a corner)

All of these adverts are already making me wish that Christmas was over and it is ONLY NOVEMBER. 

Pace yourself companies, treat your customers like you would your sexual partners, don't just stick it to us.

Warm us up gently, slowly, tease us a little and leave us begging for more.
(Is it me, or is it getting warm in here?) 

Don't just give it to us all at once or, if you pardon the pun, Christmas will just end up being a massive anti-climax.

What do you think about the Christmas ads? Are you bored already? Enjoying every one? or are you still reading back a couple of sentences?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. I cringe each time one of the bloody things comes on - then I start panicking knowing that on Christmas Day the bloody holiday adverts start. PLEASE lets wait until December at least before showing the frigging things. We know Christmas is coming we don't need constant reminders. So in answer to your question - YES they are really pissing me off

  2. I don't mind the Christmas adverts, because it reminds me to get out there and do any shopping I have to do before the world and his wife come out Crimbo shopping and start pissing me off. That said, I do 90% of my shopping from behind a computer, which is just how I like it. :)

  3. The adverts don't bother me, I don't watch TV and I don't live with my kids, so I'm not bombarded with "Daddy I want that" every 30 seconds. I do agree that it all happens far too early though. Nice analogy too.

  4. I'm sick of being called Scrooge and Bah Humbug just because I think Christmas adverts should be banned until 1st December.

    All because I feel this way, it doesn't mean that I hate Christmas. Far from it. Christmas is fabulous. Just let us start getting excited about it in December, not give us Christmas Fatigue by October.

  5. I quite like the M&S Advert with RHW & HBC. Its not overtly xmassy.. and for a change Helena isn't a total wierdo.
    I haven't seen the John Lewis ad yet. and if the advert looks remotely festive I switch over. Although the only tv I am watching is recorded so I take MASSIVE pleasure in FFWDing through the ads :)


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