Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Google+ Circles Of Hell

Ok, I admit it, I am possibly NOT the most technically savvy person out there. My children have more knowledge about the world of computers than I do, and I include my 7yr old in that sweeping statement as well.

HOWEVER. I know my way around social media, and all the social media tools.

I'm like a teenage girl when it comes to knowing how to communicate with you.

BUT Google+ has me stumped.

I've tried. Oh my God how I have tried. I put people in little circles, all the time, feeling as if it is I who has been dropped into a circle of hell from which there is no escape.

If you have Google+ comments on your blog, then I am sorry, I have not yet worked out how the hell I am meant to comment on your site.

Google it seems are trying to push everyone towards Google+ like a well meaning grandparent towards the next-door neighbours ugly son. (It isn't the best at doing the job, but you know what? It's there, and you are fucked if you do, and fucked if you don't) 

I plus one things, and yet I am still not sure what that actually does. Is it a "like" or god forbid, a "poke" (Pokes are so 2012)

If I share things with my circles, are there people in other circles who they can then share it with? Do they do this? WHY? Are they talking about me behind my back?

It is like being back in school!!!!  I don't know what circle I am meant to fit into. Perhaps I don't want to fit into a circle. perhaps I want to be square, or a Rhombus. (Rhombus is an awesome word, try it) 

Surely I cannot be the only one who doesn't get Google + and all it is about?

And now Youtube are accepting Google+ comments too?


Am I alone in not understanding Google+ or is it one of those things that we are all doing and yet don't have a clue what it is actually about?

Let me know.

PS, I don't not fail to see the irony of me Google +'ing this post.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. I am absolutely clueless, stop forcing it on us google!

  2. I just Plus Oned it to my circle, but not the other circle who can't see that circle but might be able to share within the other circle that is seen by other circles within that circle aswell allowing the the new circles to circle you and add your circles to their ever expanding circles without taking away the importance of said circles that are connected to the other circles within the circle circle and all that.

    Simple :) x

  3. If I go to the effort of promoting a post on Google+, I do get a few extra hits on the blog. But it seems to just be a place where everyone drops their link and runs! And on the rare occasion someone does comment or try to start a conversation, I can never be bothered to dick about with replying to it! I currently have 40+ unread notifications and I have absolutely no motivation to do anything about that!

  4. Google Plus is confusing the heck out of me!

  5. I tried to figure it out but it just baffles me. I find it hard enough to keep up with twitter and Facebook, never mind anything else social media-y.

    I don't want to be a circle either, can I be a dodecahedron?

  6. Google wants to take over the world.

  7. I don't even slightly understand google+! I think I have accidently added about 7 circles, whatever that even means, I now keep getting notifications from these people I have never heard of +1ing all my things!? Couldn't agree with you more on this post! X

  8. i have completely given up on google plus - too smart for their own good in this case. i hate the interface and nothing is natural or intuitive.

  9. I think it's just Google's way of trying to pull all of its products together so there's more consistency with the comments and blog/video authors. They're trying to be the social network that ties up the rest of the internet away from Facebook and create a community across Blogger, YouTube and G+. It just seems really messy at the moment!

  10. I'd rather like to be a parallelogram :) I like them

  11. I'd rather like to be a parallelogram :) I like those.

  12. lol...ive had facebook for 18 months still dont get it. what the hell is Twitter all about ? As for google plus err i know i have it, i have circles, but i can never access the ruddy thing myself to see whats on it

  13. I find that some folk seems to get one help with theres and I don't but then again I don't put myself forward enough though.


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