Monday, 4 November 2013

Katie Hopkins, A Weapon of Crass Production.

So Katie Hopkins is once again in the news, purely for her outpouring of bile which is just designed to create shock and awe.

Katie Hopkins is basically,

A Weapon of Crass Production.

katie hopkins, big fashionista, parody, parody column,

And yes, there is an argument that says, if we all ignore her, she may go away, But you know what? We said that about Samantha Brick, Liz Jones and all the other female journalists who make a living from saying inflammatory things as link bait, and funnily enough, they didn't crawl off under whence the stone they came from, OR end up reduced to taking drugs in toilets.................... oh....(allegedly) 

So they are going nowhere, We are stuck with them.

So we might as well take the piss out of them. 

In the past I have written in the style of Liz Jones,  Immigrants Cause Cancer

Today, I bring you an article in the style of Katie Hopkins.

Enjoy, I'd love to know what you think.

Big Fashionista x x x

Illiterate Cats Are Killing Our Country.

Cats, Can someone please tell me, what is their point? These days, it seems as if people like cats like a fat child loves cake.

Kittens, Katie Hopkins, Parody, illiterate kittens,

Especially kittens, and what exactly are kittens good for anyway? They are not large enough to make slippers out of and kittens all have the most ridiculous names. Who on earth calls a kitten Tiddles? That is not an inspiring name, or a strong name. No-one expects great things from a kitten called Tiddles do they? The type of person who calls a kitten Tiddles is OBVIOUSLY on benefits. and would probably misspell the name Tiddles anyway, as they are all illiterate and poor.

Illiterate people really do get my Angora Goat, and do you know why people are illiterate?
Let me tell you, it is because they are lazy, it is just pure laziness. All of this whimpering and wailing about special needs and ADHD is just an excuse. When I was young ADHD was called naughtiness, and was treated accordingly, with discipline. something that is sadly lacking in the kittens of today.

Everything is just handed to illiterate kittens these days. illiterate kittens are exactly what is wrong with this country and I for one am standing up and saying NO.

NO to kittens who do not bother to learn how to read and write.

NO to kittens who expect hard working people to feed them out of their money that they have earned.

NO to kittens just getting what they want, without having to lift a paw for it.

I will not stand for it any longer. 

And I know that there are many of you out there that will secretly agree with me,  you are just not strong enough to stand up like me and say that you have had enough. Well I will talk for you. (For a fee of course)

Because I am Katie Hopkins.

And illiterate kittens are a REAL issue.

Katie "Hire me, I will say whatever you want to be noticed" Hopkins



  1. Brilliant post on the dappy mare and I love the parody article, Bravo! I don't know anyone who has called their cat Tiddles, however a friend called his Dobie 'Blossom' and his Mastiff 'Petal' so a cat called Tibbles might be out there. Now if said Tibbles is literate and has read this post, they might be a little put out by you saying no one would name a cat that and be weeping in the corner....

  2. I saw Liz Jones "in therapy" recently...was interesting. Anyway it is all link bait as you say. If people stopped allowing themselves to be manipulated to generate income for the Mail, by not commenting the Mail would drop her and all the Katie Hopkins of the world. We have the power!


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