Thursday, 14 November 2013

McBusted? Busted Fly? Supergroups you would love to see happen.

Watch out One Direction, there is a new Supergroup, put together by someone else to basically make money  for your entertainment.


Firstly, Has anyone spoken to McDonalds about this? Are they ok with this? (and has anyone else had a hankering for a Quarterpounder with cheese since hearing the announcement? Just me then?) 

Secondly, McBusted?

Was that the BEST they could come up with?

I am not impressed.

They could have had SO much fun with it.

So I decided to instead.

WHAT IF..... other groups out there decided to get together and forma supergroup and combined their names.

First we would have to have a collaboration between Lady Gaga and Savage Garden..(Think about it)


How about Big Country and Fleetwood Mac?

Big Mac

Something for the Facebook fans amongst you,

Why not join together Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Chase & Status to create

Red Hot Status

Can you think of any singers or groups you would like to see get together just to make an amusing name?

Let your imagination run free and let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x


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  1. I've got tickets to see McBusted and I'm not ashamed!


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