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Nigella, Victim Blaming and Shaming

So recently, allegations have been made that Nigella Lawson. Domestic Goddess is a drug addict, apparently smacked out of her tits on every substance she could get her hands on.

Former friends and acquaintances have come out of the woodwork to give their version of a Judas kiss and reaffirm in the media their "concern" for Nigella.

Alison Pearson has said that "No woman will envy Nigella now"

Personally I don't envy Nigella for having odious, vile people like Alison Pearson targeting her and trying to excuse domestic violence by insinuating a drug problem.


A quote from Ms Pearson.

"What if a frustrated Charles was shaking his wife and saying, "Wake up woman! Look at what you are doing to yourself and our family"


Shaking her by the throat? I can think of better ways to talk about this that doesn't involve wrapping your hands around someones throat. t suggest Ms Pearson revisits this statement as in the article she is excusing domestic violence and....


All of this sorry mess has come about due to two employees of Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi being in court charged with theft.

Their defence is that Nigella KNEW and gave permission for them to spend on the credit cards, in return for their silence about her drug habits.

Not being in full possession of the legal evidence in this ongoing case I will not comment further on whether they are innocent or guilty of this crime.

But there are many, many people out there who have voiced the opinion that this alleged drug habit has only now seen the light of day since the divorce between Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson.

How convenient, would Mr Charles Saatchi, who has made a career in advertising and PR know ANYTHING about this, we all wonder?

There certainly is an air of this being someone attempting to destroy the reputation of a woman who has worked long and hard at building her reputation as a "Domestic Goddess"

Who knows if any of this is true. I know that I would not have been able to go through what she has in her life without turning to medication if needed. Prescription drugs are not something to be ashamed of, depression is not something to be ashamed of.

In regards to illegal substances, who knows? All I can tell you is that if I was Nigella, I would be off my tits at every opportunity at the thought of living with Charles Saatchi, I'd be hoovering the white lines of the road if I thought it would help.

oh and,


So if the media would kindly refrain from victim shaming, violence excusing and generally being arses, we can let this sorry state of affairs be dealt with by the courts, this is not a soap opera, it is the lives of people who deserve peace.

So what do you think? Is Nigella being unfairly treated by the media, what is your opinion on the media attempts to excuse domestic violence? How many grams would you have to take before sleeping with Charles Saatchi?

Let me know.

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  1. I don't care if she was on drugs, there are appropriate ways of dealing with things. Putting your hands around someone's throat, in a menacing manner (we've all seen the pictures) is simply illegal AND inappropriate and certainly not a way of showing love or concern.

    Domestic Violence has no excuse or justification. Ever.

  2. Totally agree, using Nigella's alleged drug abuse as an excuse to physically assault her is despicable. As you say, there's no excuse for violence. Finding out that your partner, the person you supposedly love has a drug problem isn't an excuse to throttle them. If you love someone you get them help, you support them. You do not physically or mentally abuse them.

  3. Agree. To me, the whole thing has the air of a man with a very bruised ego flinging as much mud as he can at his ex-wife and praying something sticks. When they married she was moderately famous but nowhere near as popular as she is now but he was the god of advertising and pr. she has totally eclipsed him and his ego can't cope. I do not think there is ever, ever an excuse for grabbing someone around the throat and if as Ms Pearson suggests it was an attempt to shake some sense into her then a) it shouldn't have been around the throat and b) would never have been done in public. Personally I have serious doubts about the legitimacy if the cocaibe usage claims as, let's face it, we all know what happens to major cocaine users' noses... They collapse. Hers seems amazingly intact. The rest, who knows?

  4. dont care if she is a drug addict - i still love her!

    But Pearson is stupid for justifying it. ridiculous really.

    But no one envies someone because they think the other life is perfect - no one has the perfect life..?!

  5. I'm not shocked by him claiming she had a drug problem. Normal nasty perpetrator of domestic abuse behaviour! Trying to discount the viability of the victim by claiming they have a drug/drink/mental health issue. Not surprised at all!
    Victims often use drink or drugs as a coping mechanism to deal with the abuse.
    Does not excuse his behaviour and I hope Nigella gets the support she needs!

  6. Totally agree. He's an abusive bastard who'll stoop to new lows to destroy her. The media is only lapping it up because she's a woman. If this was a man no one would give a shit.

  7. A very public nasty divorce with added bitter and twisted , meanwhile Nigella seems to be keeping a dignified silence

  8. I feel so sorry for her. We all do stuff we know we shouldn't, but do anyway. Not necessarily drugs, but I'm sure you know what I mean.
    He's just a nasty bitter man who keeps changing his story. I hope he realises that because of HIS actions, no one elses, he has lost a shit load of credibility now. How dare anyone grab someone by the throat, then brush it off as a "tiff". That isn't a tiff, that's abuse and he's a wankyfuckbucket


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