Thursday, 28 November 2013

Nom or Vom?

When this guy was first suggested to me for Nom or Vom I thought, "Well he's ok, I'm sure that out there are some people that will definitely find him attractive. I mean. I saw him in the Kanye, Bound spoof and he did nothing for me but, ya' know.........

Ohhhhhh MacFarlane, Not Rogen.

My bad.

Now I know who this guy IS, sure.

So without further ado,

Ladies and Gents I bring you....

Seth MacFarlane 

Funny and cute? And he can sing. 
(We just won't talk about him killing off major characters, ok?)

So, is he a Nom or a Vom?

Let me know. 

Big Fashionista x x 


  1. I actually love his arrogant ass! There is just something about him...NOM NOM NOM! Seriously though, hands off. HE'S MINE.

  2. NOM! For a cartoon addict like me he most definately a huge massive NOM!

  3. Even I'll say yes to Seth. The dude is, well, a dude! Handsome and THAT VOICE. Makes me smile every time.

  4. Not exactly a vom but not a nom either...sort of...yeah, whatever. Which is even worse in some ways, huh? :)

  5. Now worrying about that comment. I mean, he might read it and be hurt. Oh right, wake up Jane, like he's going to be concerned about what YOU think? But still. You never know who reads an innocent little blog. You never know who Googles themselves. Which reminds me of my awful Terry Waite experience - but I've told you about that, right? *wince* *facepalm* *bangs head on desk*

  6. He's sexy or a nom because he's funny not because of his looks. Same with Seth Rogen - he'd get it too!


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