Saturday, 9 November 2013

Remembrance Sunday, Your choice

This happens every year when Remembrance Sunday comes around.

It is the Great Poppy Debate.

First you have the people who watch TV avidly, JUST to berate the newsreaders and presenters who are not wearing one. I assume that Points Of View gets hundreds of letters around about this time of year on this very subject.

You hear all the comments which go,

"People DIED and he/she cannot even be bothered to wear a Poppy?"

"How do you forget to wear a Poppy?"

"But WHY are they not wearing one?"

And my answer to this is.

People fought and died so that people could CHOOSE whether to wear one or not.

You should not guilt people into wearing Poppies, Poppy wearing is a choice. And just because someone ISN'T wearing one, how do you KNOW that they aren't grateful for all that was done for us?

People who choose not to wear Poppies HAVE that right. It is part of what was fought for.


I choose to wear a Poppy,

But I would never look down upon someone who didn't.

And I would hope that someone who chooses not to wear one would not judge my choices either.

Where do you stand on the Poppy debate?

Do you wear one? Or maybe you don't wear one,

Let me know your reasons.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. i wear a poppy, i have since i was a child, my dad was in the army so he wore one, and i grew up doing so, i have one this year, as does my brother and dad, my mum does some years but shes a caretaker and it can get broken from the work she does. if someone doesnt want to wear one, fair enough, if do then fair enough! as you said, they fought so we could choose. xx

  2. To be fair, I haven't seen any of these comments this year. However I have seen many disgusting comments about people who do wear one. It's a choice and I would never force mines on anyone else but people are very ignorant when it comes to knowing where the money goes from poppy buying etc. x

  3. I buy poppy's, wear them, lose them, yhen buy another, so whether I am wearing one on any given day has nothing to do with my support for the forces (my father and uncle were former soldiers) and everything to do with my scatterbrainedness xx

  4. I have just posted a blog about this today! I would say great minds and all that, but we don't know each other!


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