Thursday, 5 December 2013

Adding A Link To An Old Post? Why I Just Won't Do It.

I have just received an email from a rather large beauty and bath product company that references a post I had written back in 2010 asking me to add a link to my review.



Hang on, is this a thing now?

Firstly, this is a product that I purchased myself, I liked the product and decided to share my discovery with readers of my blog.

Secondly, it was 2010. and NOW you want me to add a link? Well that is not covering yourself in Glory (cough)

Is this because the Googlebots will have trawled through those posts by now so SEO companies are now trying to get clever and outsmart Google by having links added to posts that have already been trawled by the Googlebots?

I am angry. The company involved have never worked with me before, and surely it would have been better if they had approached me trying to build a relationship with me and my blog from now, so that perhaps I would look to review their products again in the future.

Send me information of your latest releases, tempt me,.

Don't treat me like a one night stand you had a couple of years ago and now you want your dirty socks back that you left behind. Way to make a girl feel cheap and used. 

I am hearing that these approaches are on the increase (adding links, not asking for the dirty socks back) 

Frankly, it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth and I certainly will NOT be adding a link to the product like they wanted me to.

Bloggers, have you had approaches like this? What did you do in response?

Readers, What do you think I should do?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. I've heard a couple of bloggers say brands have done this. If it was something I wrote back in 2010 I wouldn't add a link, like you said I'd ask to be added to their press release list.

    Rosie x |

  2. Yep, I've had something like this. I wrote a post ages ago and then a large organisation got in touch telling me I should link to them as I had mentioned them. I didn't respond at first (I was busy at the time) but they hounded me a few times. It hardly inspired me to do it.
    It was the tone of entitlement to a link that bothered me.
    They didn't even try to establish a relationship with me or anything.
    They weren't even that polite.
    It hardly inspires me to want to link to them does it?

  3. What annoys me most about this is that someone is being paid to send out these e-mails.

    Even if you did add the link it would have to be no followed anyway. Do these agencies think that we are stupid?

  4. I have, twice. The first time was for a beauty product bought at a department store - I'd linked to the beauty brand's website and not the department store's website. I was so baffled by the email that I didn't reply or change the link - it felt rude not to respond but I didn't really know what to say as I was so surprised they'd asked.

    The second time was when I'd created a Polyvore collage and the link pointed to the US website of an accessories retailer instead of the UK version, because I'm crap at using Polyvore and all the prices kept coming up in dollars. The marketer (from an outside company) was really lovely in her email, personalising it, chatting about Bristol (apparently where she went to university) and asking politely if I could change the link. She was so nice that I did it because I thought it made sense for my readers to click through to a UK version of the site (as most of them are based in the UK) and because she' really customised her email to suit me. I did send her an email saying that I wouldn't normally change a link though.

    As a rule, I don't like this practice - the phrase 'something for nothing' springs to mind - so unless I thought my readers would get anything from it I wouldn't change it.

  5. I've had a few of these - it's pretty cheeky and once I've sent them a price for doing it, they usually back off.

  6. I've had it happen once and I did change the link as there was some talk of building a relationship with the brand (which is one that I really love) - however I do think this does seriously smack of something for nothing - it may just be a way of avoiding paying for sponsored posts? I think you just have to judge these types of requests on an as they come basis.

  7. Yep. Have had. Have deleted. Or I respond with a silly price for a no follow link and never hear from them again.....

  8. I usually link any way if I'm saying good things, like in my camping blog where I've suggested christmas presents, so if they were asking me chances are it would be a negative post, haha

  9. What a fucking cheek! What next, tattoo their website on your forehead? Cheeky cunts.

  10. I've had this too with and old Burt's Bees review - something that I bought. I said that I would only link if they paid me in product because what's in it for me?

  11. I've had this too with and old Burt's Bees review - something that I bought. I said that I would only link if they paid me in product because what's in it for me?


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