Friday, 31 January 2014

Amazon Do It Again.

Amazon have a history of letting books be on sale that REALLY shouldn't be. 

Spencer from has been calling for the ban of Training up a child for a long time now and has been constantly fobbed off by them, even MPs have got involved.

Today it was brought to my attention that Amazon are allowing THIS book to be sold. 

Which talks about Last Minute Resistance!!! And how to overcome it!!!

Here is part of the product description.

She walks out the door and you’ll never see her again. What a waste. After all, you did ALL that work to get a girl alone in the first place and then you couldn’t seal the deal. It stings the ego and it’s torture for your sore dick and 

Believe me, I know all too well how irritating and embarrassing this is. This frustrating scenario used to plague me, too. And it has cost me sex more times than I care to admit. 

But these days I rarely run into this dreaded Last Minute Resistance, or “LMR” for short. And in the rare cases that I do encounter it, I cut through it like a hot knife cuts through creamy, yellow butter. 

And I’m about to show you how you can do it too… 

In this detailed eBook and collection of real life case studies that are years in the making, I share the little-known mindsets and techniques that I and other extreme players have found to be consistently effective at breaking through a girl's last minute resistance to sex AND preventing it! 

This is not a book, it is a rape manual and I will NOT hear of it being called anything else.

TELL Amazon this is not right. TELL Amazon you will not buy from them until this and How to Train A Child is pulled from sale. 

You can contact Amazon on


This is not right and should NoT be on sale.

What do YOU think?

Big Fashionista x x x



Thank you to everyone who commented and reposted and retweeted. 

This isn't the end, Amazon, we STILL want you to remove, How To Train A Child, from sale. Even the NSPCC have asked you, it has been mentioned in parliament. Tell Amazon to remove it. You have a voice and they have proved they will listen.

THANK you. Everyone.


Nom Or Vom

So last weeks Nom or Vom was a definite success, and as I like to go from one extreme to the other, this week you have clean-shaven and dare I say it? Pretty. 

If this guy doesn't have you all of a QUIVER.... (Geddit? Geddit? Oh don't worry, you will) then I don't know who will. 

(Stick around, I may throw in some "you will feel a little prick" jokes soon) 

You may not know who this man is, star of Arrow he has also appeared in some other programmes such as New Girl, Vampire Diaries and 90210.

Ladies and Gents, I bring you......

Stephen Amell


So what do we think? 

Stephen Amell?

Nom or Vom? 

Big Fashonista x x x

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Superdrug Are Massive Twats

Yeah, I went there.

We all know my history with Superdrug, I took them to task for bodyshaming before, and I will bloody well do it again now.

Superdrug, in their wisdom (HA) are trialling some new scales which instead of having numbers, tell you what celebrity you weigh closely to. 

Sorry, Daily Mail link coming up.

(Are you kidding me???)

Superdrug say that this will take away the stigma of weight and get more people talking.

I say they can fuck off. 

Do I actually give a shit about whether I weigh 2 Beyoncés? Or 2 and a quarter Queen Latifahs? 

No, I care about being a healthy weight, not wondering how much the leg of a certain celeb weighs so I can say,

"I lost one Beyoncé arm last week, Go me"

Superdrug, you are a bunch of attention seeking idiots, if it would have been April 1st I would have laughed and said that no way was this anything other than a prank.

You say that these scales are a good thing? The generation we are currently rearing are being forcefed by the media enough celebrities that they should aspire to look like, act like and be like, NOW you want them to weigh like them too.

NO. I say NO. 

What do you say? 

Big Fashionista x x x 


Half an hour ago, Superdrug posted this.

Personally, I think that Superdrug were just hoping to go viral, and I suppose in a way, I helped them do that.

HOWEVER, if something is wrong, I will ALWAYS stand up and say that it is wrong, yes it may be giving them the attention they crave, but to say nothing, would be worse, I feel. 

But what Superdrug forget is that we have long memories, I for one will not forget what they have done. Did they create a topic we could all talk about? Yes, but they went about it the wrong way, as the comments below show. 

And yet as well, there is no apology. Not even a non-apology where someone apologises for if you are offended. 

Sorry Superdrug, I ain't buying what you are selling.

How about you? 

What do you think of the update?

Big Fashionista x x 


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

In The Public Interest?

I'm sorry CPS (Actually, I'm not really) but do you REALLY, HONESTLY and truly think that there is "significant public interest" in prosecuting three men who were caught taking food from a skip behind Iceland. 

Three men are to be charged with taking £33 worth of food from a skip, a SKIP. 

They didn't walk in and take it off the shelves, they took it from a skip. 

To me, what should be in the public interest is finding out WHY people in this country have to take food from a skip in the first place. 

(I know that for some, this is a lifestyle choice, but for most, it is a necessity) 

What is also of public interest is WHY supermarkets are throwing away food?

If on the day it goes out of date, why can they not donate it to a local shelter? WHY would they rather throw food away than see it put to use? 

So I am sorry CPS but I think your logic SUCKS. 

I personally do NOT think it is in the public interest to prosecute people for taking food from a skip, and someone should be ashamed of themselves for letting it get this far. 

What do you think? 

Do you think people should be prosecuted for taking food from skips behind supermarkets?

Could supermarkets do more with the food instead of throwing it out? 

Anyone else going to be worried when their mum says they are going to Iceland? 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x 


My 1000th Post

One THOUSAND posts!!!!!

(except it isn't, as I kind of missed it, welcome to post number 1003) 

Wow, that is a lot of posts, (1003 to be precise, keep up here, Kellie)

I have been trying to think about whether I have a favourite post, or a favourite blogging moment now I have reached this milestone, and while I have some that will always hold a special place in my heart, I can honestly say that each and every one of the posts that I have written has been important to me.

I hear of some people who are embarrassed of the posts that they first wrote. Some of mine are truly atrocious, basically recycled press releases and talking crap (not much has changed there then) but I would never get rid of them or delete them because every post that I have written has helped me to become the blogger that I am today. Without that start, I would never have released that I much prefer to write opinion pieces, I use my old posts to see how far I have come in both my style and my life.

Occasionally now, I start to write a post and I get a funny feeling that I have written on the same topic before, I check, and BOOM, there it is, but I find that I have changed my opinion, I have learnt, been educated, or shown a different viewpoint, and that is usually by one of you guys.

It is why I love comments so much, whenever I write a post, I am just giving you my OPINION, it is never gospel, just how I see something. I always enjoy the comments that disagree and tell me why they disagree.

Over a thousand posts and no sign of stopping (Sorry about that) 

My life has changed drastically over the last year, and my style has softened, I am not so angry, I don't always get so het up on my blog posts, my blog is a great way to track different times in my life, periods of time where I had no words to share because I was unhappy, or days when there are three or four posts in a row because I have SO much to say.

The one thing in common all of my posts have, be it Nom or Vom or a post about O2 is that they all have comments on,  and I want to thank EVERYONE who has taken the time over the last few years to comment on my blog.

Comments make every blogger feel appreciated, we don't do this for money (wish I could) we do this because we love it. I love it. and every time someone comments on a post, even to disagree, I get a sense of satisfaction that I have moved someone, inspired someone or even angered someone enough to take the time to comment.

So thank you, thank you for reading my 100(3) posts.

Here is to the next 1000.

Big Fashionista x x x


Couple’s Photography Ideas

Couple’s photography is an extremely growing trend, with everyone from parents to celebrities all taking to the photo studios to showcase their love for each other. Some couples are even using photos to announce their engagement or pregnancy! 
As it is growing so popular, we thought we’d explore this idea further to bring you some of the best tips for getting the ultimate photos of you and your other half, and right in time for Valentine’s Day.

Use black and white
Photo effects can truly transform a photograph and can make them have more of an impact in terms of mood, atmosphere and era. Black and white in particular is popular when it comes to romantic photos are it’s an effect that is timeless, classic and sophisticated. Turning your photo black and white is also really flattering. Sepia is another great effect and gives photos a really traditional, antique feel whilst adding to the romance. Speak to your photographer before the shoot to discuss what options are available for your finished photos. 

Use personal props
Why not take some precious items with you to the shoot to add in to your photos? You could be as imaginative or as simple as you like, or could simply go for the sentimental value options. Taking memories from your relationship to the shoot such as the first birthday present your other half gave you will add a lovely, memorable element to any picture. Think about the sorts of things that make you two such a great couple and the things you love about your partner, like whether they always shelter you with an umbrella or make you breakfast in bed, and try and incorporate these into your images. 

Recreate famous, romantic scenes
Work with your photographer to transform your venture photography Chester studio into the bright lights of Hollywood and recreate your favourite romantic scenes from movies! For instance, everyone remembers that kiss from Spiderman, or the epic kiss in the rain in The Notebook, so why not turn your partner into your Prince Charming? The results will no doubt be absolutely adorable and your family and friends will be really impressed at how special and different they are.

Go for the humour element

If none of these options really speak to the type of couple that you are, a great option is going for humorous yet sweet photos. You could use the photo shoot as an almost mickey-take of the whole concept, and in fact show your ‘not so perfect’ sides of your relationship with your tongues firmly in your cheeks. Even photographing the two of you laughing together would make for a really sweet and funny picture. Using your personal and private jokes in your photos will also make you giggle for years to come as you look back on them. You could also involve the kids in some funny couple’s photos, too. 

Would you have a professional picture taken of you and your other half? Do you think they are a good way of capturing a moment?

Let me know. 

Big Fashionista x x x

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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Unhealthy Eating Habits To Avoid

Eating healthily can be a difficult concept to some, as there are many different opinions regarding what you should and shouldn’t eat.

Especially if your goal is to gain weight and lean muscle to your body, you will most likely be looking for tips in which you can do so healthily and, ultimately, safely.

Therefore we thought we’d put together a bit of a guide of some of the unhealthy eating habits you should be avoiding on your venture to gain weight, or to just generally be a bit healthier.

Skipping breakfast

There’s an important reason as to why breakfast is regarded as the most important meal of the day, so the fact that some people skip it completely is very worrying. Whilst sleeping, your body has gone for around 8 hours without food already, and can’t be expected to get you through until lunch time without fuel. Therefore you’re more likely to snack throughout the day as your body will be craving energy from sugary snacks that it could have got from a bowl of cereal, wholemeal toast or yoghurt, for example.

Eating late at night

There is a lot of debate around eating at night and how this can impact your weight. Some health experts argue the case for not eating after 8pm. However, strictly speaking, the odd snack on the evening is absolutely fine as long as you don’t go over the top. If you do eat excessively late at night, your body will be busy digesting the food as you are trying to sleep, meaning you’ll find it much more difficult to drift off and are also more likely to gain fat.

Using food as a reward

We’ve all been there after a long day at work or a difficult phase with the kids; it comes to meal times or you get a bit peckish for a snack and you justify eating junk by convincing yourself that you deserve it. Whilst we all do of course deserve a treat now and again, using rubbish food as a reward will have the opposite effect as you will soon come down from your high and feel like you’ve let yourself down. Why not look into healthy snack recipes so that you can snack without the guilt? Likewise, if you are an emotional eater and rely on food to cheer yourself up when you’re feeling down, stressed or bored, aim to find other things to keep your mind busy and happy and you’ll soon see the benefits.

Binge eating

A main, common myth when it comes to weight gain is that you should just automatically eat way more calories than you usually do, and then sit back and watch the pecks appear. This is not how muscle building works. Instead of gorging on large quantities of food at a time, snack little and often on high protein foods, or add a protein powder or shake to your daily routine. You can get more info on that here -

What do you think? 

Any tips for the people out there? 

Big Fashionista 

submitted content


Date From Hell

Browsing through The Metro and I came across this. 

Now for all you spider haters, let me give you a warning, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. 

In a nutshell, teenager goes on worst date EVER, 

(I'm sure that wasn't the type of love bite she was expecting) 

But it got me to thinking about bad dates, luckily I have never been on a bad date, but how about you?

Fill me in on your worst date ever.

Can you beat the poor girl who got bitten by a spider?

Do you think she met her date on the 'web' 

(I'll get my coat) 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x

Monday, 27 January 2014

Tips for when Introducing your Pet to your Baby

Everyone who has a pet will understand that they are a vital part of the family, but what happens when another family member arrives?

When bringing your new baby home, it can be a stressful time for your pet – especially high maintenance ones like cats and dogs that are used to having your full attention.

However, with a few clever tips and the right care, you can ensure that the transition of adding to your family will be an amazing experience for all members of the family – even the four legged ones!

Get your pet familiar with the baby’s things early on and establish boundaries

Setting up things like the crib, changing tables and toys early on before the baby arrives can ease the transition for your pet as they will have the time to get used to the new objects/noise/mess before having to get used to the baby as well. Make it clear to them where they’re allowed and where they’re not too, from the start.

Try to keep your pets routine as normal as possible

Although it may be difficult as you’ll have a hundred and one other things to think about and do, try and make things as easy as possible for your pet by keeping important things like their feeding times the same, and provide them with a quite space to get some privacy and rest.

Introduce them to each other slowly, letting the pet get used to the baby’s smell

Don’t put too much pressure on your pet too quickly by throwing them into the middle of the action and giving them lots of interaction with the baby straight away. Ease them in to the process, by letting them get used to their smell and noises so that they don’t get scared or too confused.

Ensure their nails are kept trimmed

As your pet does get more curious and interactions between them and your baby become more frequent, it’s important to ensure their nails are kept short to avoid any little scratches or nicks. You can trim them yourself with cat or dog nail trimmers, or visit the vets regularly.

Invite friends over with babies so your pet gets used to infants

A great idea – if possible – is to invite people over who you know that have babies so that your pet can get used to having a baby around. Think of it as a bit of a trial run for when your little one arrives, though I’m sure your pet will instantly love yours straight away!

Never leave them alone together

No matter how confident you are that the two of them are getting on like a house on fire, pets and children should always be supervised when spending time together to eliminate the possibilities of any accidents.

Keep the pet’s food out of baby’s way

Something important to think about as the baby grows and starts finding their feet; it’s important to keep the pet food out of their way. Whilst royal canin food may be your dog’s favourite, your baby is less likely to be so enthusiastic! It shouldn’t do them any real harm, but may give them an upset tummy.

How did you integrate your pets and new baby?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x 

Submitted content. 



Saturday, 25 January 2014


Big Fashionista x x 

Friday, 24 January 2014

Nom or Vom

I am well aware that you all have varied tastes, and I'm cool with that. 

THIS guy, I think is going to split the pack in two, he is very much a 'marmite' character you will either NOM or VOM him, (although I guess that is the point here) 

So for all you ladies and gentlemen that like your men with beards, (AND tattoos) 

I bring you.....

Ricki Hall. 

Do I spoil you or what?

So what do we think, Ladies and Gents?

Bearded model, Ricki Hall,

Nom or Vom?

Let me know.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Judging Bieber- The Rise And Fall Of A Pop Idol

Just a few hours ago it was announced that Justin Bieber has been arrested for DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and Drag Racing.

Coming so soon after the egg throwing incident, for which many many of his fans excused his behaviour, is this just one step too far for the star?

Does Justin Bieber have everything that he needs, other than people to say NO to him? 

Or is this just another example of other people leading the young star astray? 

Whereas the Beliebers can excuse something so juvenile as throwing eggs, can they forgive something as serious as driving under the influence of drugs? 

And also, what will the fans parents think? Will this make parents think twice about shelling out money for tickets to concerts, merchandise? 

Is this a step too far? 

And will Justin get away with it again? Not just in the eyes of his fans, but legally as well? 

Driving under the influence is a serious offence and he shouldn't be able to get away with it, if found guilty.

Has this popstar gone too far?

Let me know your thoughts.

Big Fashionista x x 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

5 Ways That Buzzfeed Killed The Internet

Buzzfeed, anyone else remember how we got our information beforehand? 

Nope, me either. 

Here's a Buzzfeed inspired list to explain how Buzzfeed killed the Internet for me and others like me.

1) Sleep

It's 1am, you've checked Twitter, Facebook, your texts, it's now time to sleep, you will just have a quick check of Buzzfeed.........


You may not have slept, but you've now seen everything the world has to offer. Congratulations, I would tell you to sleep but Buzzfeed just updated and you now have to learn the Internet ALL over again!!! 

2) GIFs 

You read an article elsewhere, THERE ARE NO GIFS!! How are you meant to process the valuable information without it being accompanied by an actress from mean girls rolling her eyes? Sigh.

We have the attention span of goldfish, Buzzfeed know this and wave GIFs in our faces like they are dealing with toddlers. We need to giggle at GIFs. 

3) Lists

Information broken down into lists? Yes please. Can we get this for everything? 15 reasons why I should not go to work today? 10 things I can do with mashed potatoes? 5 reasons why Doogie Howser is the best Doctor ever? The lists are endless, and secretly we love them. 

4) Links

How else would anyone know what character from The Simpsons you were? Or which cartoon dog you are? Or even what part of the country you live in? You link it through to your twitter (other social media also available) and give minutes later you see other people linking it too, it's like the least harmful chain letter in the world! (I was Cleetus, oh the shame) 

5) Rankings

Where else can you rank something as WOW, or, LOL or WTF?

Buzzfeed know that we don't have time to comment, (we are too busy reading GIF filled lists to do that) instead we can just click a button to say how we feel.

I cannot be alone in wishing that The Daily Mail did that instead of having a comments section, can I? 

So that's five ways that Buzzfeed killed the Internet, or is that, five ways that Buzzfeed are killing it on the Internet.

Can you think of any others? 

Are you a fan of Buzzfeed? 

Let me know, I'm off to watch Ron Jeremy perform Wrecking Ball, 

Never change, Buzzfeed. Never change. 

Big Fashionista x x x


Monday, 20 January 2014

I Want My MTV

I feel old. (older than usual, that is) 

I made the mistake of turning on my television over the weekend and decided I would quite like to listen to some music while I did some tidying up. 


Anyone want to let me know when MTV stopped playing music and started showing programmes that seem to be nothing more than vehicles for American Jeremy Kyle guests? 

Now correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't MTV stand for MUSIC TeleVision?

(God, I am so old aren't I) 

(I sound like my mother) 

Well WHY was there NO music on my Music TeleVision? 

I need answers! 

Help me out here, 

Am I old? (You know how to answer this one, Right?) 

Where is the Music on MTV?

And what the hell is the crap they have replaced the music WITH!!!!

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Blogger Bear

Ok, now I seem to have confused a lot of you on Twitter, (although I do this often, I admit) with talk of a #BloggerBear

My thoughts are this, and some of you with children may have experienced this with your little angels (LOL) at school.

What I want to do is buy a little bear and then send him on his travels to others. 

I'm calling it a Blogger Bear but PRs and companies who want to get involved are more than welcome.

I will send you the bear, you can keep him for a couple of days and show him around, show him what you do and take pictures of him. You can then blog about him if you wish to, but all I ask is you email me some pics that I can use on a blog post. 

I will include a blogger bear passport, for you to write where he has been, include your website address so that others can visit you and see what you've done with the bear and spread some love.

What do you think? 

Are you in? 

Saturday, 18 January 2014


This is the start of a new THING on my blog which I want to do every Saturday, which is just pictures pulled from my iPhone for the previous week. These could be anything from filtered pics to screen grabs, I am always taking pictures with my iPhone and instead of just saving them to iPhoto, I thought I would share some with you each Saturday. 

See, Shutterday? Saturday? Geddit? 

I probably won't do any descriptions of each picture, but if you do have any questions about the pictures, please feel free to leave me a comment. 

Big Fashionista xxx

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nom Or Vom

Just in case you are new to Nom or Vom, this is a lighthearted look at some top male totty and we say Nom (I would let him do me up against a wall) or Vom (Wouldn't touch him with someone else's) 

This week in celebration of the Oscar nominations I decided to pick Matthew Mc... McC..... (Runs off to check spelling) McConaughey. 

So now I want you to study the following pictures very hard, and let me know......

Matthew McConaughey?

Nom or Vom

And for you beardy lovers.

So what do we think Ladies and Gentlemen? 

Nom or Vom?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x 


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Are You Ok?

Are You OK?

Three little words that reach out, they can stretch for miles. 

They aren't much but people can hold onto those words like a drowning man holds onto a lifebelt. 

And sometimes those words are a lifebelt. 

You never know. 

I sometimes liken Social Media to a selfie. Most people never post up awful pictures of themselves, in the same way that some people will never show how bad they are feeling, the clues are in what they are not saying. 

Are You OK?

Some people can be open in the way that they feel. My good friend Sera posted yesterday about her experiences with the lie I'm Ok. you can read her post here. 

Some people shy away, there is no right or wrong with depression, depression is an illness that affects everyone differently. 

But show someone that you care. ask them if they are ok. Take a minute to answer that tweeter who tweets out they feel useless, speak to a relative who you haven't spoken to in a while, or that friend who sometimes you feel as if they are always moaning. Ask them

Are You OK?

We can't save everyone, this has been shown to me in the most painful way possible in the last week. but we can be there, you can be there. 

If you are feeling low, talk to someone, if someone asks you, Are you ok? Be as honest as you can be. Open up in whatever small way you can. even just saying no, can be the breakthrough. 

Talk to someone, anyone. I will link to my post with helpline numbers here. YOU ARE NOT ALONE

And I am switching back on the ability to comment anonymously for when I ask you now........

Are You OK?

Let me know.

Much love, 

Big Fashionista x x x


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Yesterday, as I was skipping around B&M first thing in the morning, (I say skip, it was more of a 'dragging my rotten corpse around like an extra from The Walking Dead') I walked down one of the aisles to find an old lady, (in her 70's I'd say) on her mobility scooter getting herself in a fluster trying to put things in her bag. There were dog treats falling on the floor, a coconut bird feeder, (69p, bargain) and various other bits scattered around and she was getting more and more upset.

I stopped, (well I'm not completely heartless) and took a minute to help her pack up her bag as she thanked me profusely and repeatedly told me how silly she was, then I went on my merry way, happy that I had taken a minute or two to help someone who needed it.

Ten minutes later as I was in the queue paying for my bits, (and a coconut bird feeder) I glanced across at the other till to see the old lady just about to be served, she placed her bits and pieces on the conveyer belt......


She put about 3 things on to pay, and wheeled through with her bag FIRMLY tucked into the basket at the front of the scooter.

And this bag was bulging, (well coconut bird feeders take up some room don't you know) and it was concealed at the top. I had been coerced into helping someone shop lift!! 

I'm the sort of person that if I go through customs, I always go through the something to declare channels, JUST IN CASE. I cannot steal, I don't have it in me, and now I was stealing by proxy. I had put these items in her bag! What if they thought I was Oliver to her Fagin? 

I managed to avoid making eye contact, just in case security thought we were sending coded messages to each other, I LOOKED guilty, she looked as if she was going to hit a Sainsburys next. 

My mouth was dry and my hands were clammy, I couldn't remember whether I should look straight at the security guard on the way out and smile, or avoid his gaze completely. This shoplifting by proxy is a very difficult thing to work out.

Luckily she finished ahead of me, (three things don't take long to pack) and I watched to see if she would make it out the shop without being 'collared by the 'Feds, (I'm so down wiv da kids) 


Although it didn't stop me worrying that perhaps they thought I was Fagin, using poor little old ladies as my joeys to do my dirty work. (Wouldn't put it past the old lady to blame it all on me, she seemed the type) 

I made it out alive, 

But just like that, the old lady was gone.


Now I'm not getting into the moral complexities of shoplifting here, and whether perhaps there were factors that drove her to it, my issue is, she made me an ACCESSORY, (and not a good one) steal your shit, lady. I'm not going to grass. But don't get me to pack your bag while you act like a helpless old lady because next time, I'm not buying what you're selling. 

It COULD have backfired quite spectacularly, (although Nom or Vom of the prison guards could've been a fresh slant) 

So my question is this, 

If no good deed goes unpunished, have you ever helped someone else out and been the one who it backfired on in a spectacular way? 

Let me know, 

I'm off to see if I look good in stripes.

Big Fashionista x x 

Monday, 13 January 2014

Is This The Worst Blogger Approach Ever?

So it's not often that I get so angry that I name and shame a company for their awful blogger strategy.

But today I received one that really surprised me.

Everything 5 pounds tweeted out about looking for guest bloggers and I do love to write about fashion so thought I would find out more about it.

The email that came through this morning was possibly one of the worst approaches I have ever received. 

I don't expect to be covered in diamonds for a blog post, hell these days I don't even expect to get paid.

However I do expect it to be mutually beneficial, and this approach from Everything 5 pounds is anything but. 

They go to great lengths to tell us just how many hits they get, how many likes and followers they have, because, yes you've guessed it, they are going to raise my profile.

Because I can eat a raised profile can't I? and wear one also?

Apart from the email which took great pains to tell me that there was no financial reward in blogging for them, (I'm failing to see a reward at all) there was a PDF as well, with all the rules of blogging for them. 

Apparently, if I don't like it. I don't have to take up their offer, and this is true. 

But is ANYONE impressed by this?

Would YOU blog for them with this list of demands, with absolutely nothing in it for you? 

I know I won't. 

So let me hear your thoughts, perhaps Everything 5 pounds will read this and think about their blogger approach. Can you think of a better way they can work with bloggers? 

Let me (and hopefully them) know.

Big Fashionista x x

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