Wednesday, 22 January 2014

5 Ways That Buzzfeed Killed The Internet

Buzzfeed, anyone else remember how we got our information beforehand? 

Nope, me either. 

Here's a Buzzfeed inspired list to explain how Buzzfeed killed the Internet for me and others like me.

1) Sleep

It's 1am, you've checked Twitter, Facebook, your texts, it's now time to sleep, you will just have a quick check of Buzzfeed.........


You may not have slept, but you've now seen everything the world has to offer. Congratulations, I would tell you to sleep but Buzzfeed just updated and you now have to learn the Internet ALL over again!!! 

2) GIFs 

You read an article elsewhere, THERE ARE NO GIFS!! How are you meant to process the valuable information without it being accompanied by an actress from mean girls rolling her eyes? Sigh.

We have the attention span of goldfish, Buzzfeed know this and wave GIFs in our faces like they are dealing with toddlers. We need to giggle at GIFs. 

3) Lists

Information broken down into lists? Yes please. Can we get this for everything? 15 reasons why I should not go to work today? 10 things I can do with mashed potatoes? 5 reasons why Doogie Howser is the best Doctor ever? The lists are endless, and secretly we love them. 

4) Links

How else would anyone know what character from The Simpsons you were? Or which cartoon dog you are? Or even what part of the country you live in? You link it through to your twitter (other social media also available) and give minutes later you see other people linking it too, it's like the least harmful chain letter in the world! (I was Cleetus, oh the shame) 

5) Rankings

Where else can you rank something as WOW, or, LOL or WTF?

Buzzfeed know that we don't have time to comment, (we are too busy reading GIF filled lists to do that) instead we can just click a button to say how we feel.

I cannot be alone in wishing that The Daily Mail did that instead of having a comments section, can I? 

So that's five ways that Buzzfeed killed the Internet, or is that, five ways that Buzzfeed are killing it on the Internet.

Can you think of any others? 

Are you a fan of Buzzfeed? 

Let me know, I'm off to watch Ron Jeremy perform Wrecking Ball, 

Never change, Buzzfeed. Never change. 

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Buzzfeed has RUINED me.

    Instead of the Daily Mail's sidebar of shame, Buzzfeed has the oh-so-enticing sidebar of AGAIN! AGAIN!

    I shit you not, I spent 15 minutes of my life the other night doing a quiz on Buzzfeed to find out how big my penis is.

    *shame face*

    (Enormous btw)

    Brilliant post :)

  2. I cannot agree with you more Kellie! and with the comment above by MummyNeverSleeps. It's so stupidly addictive: I hardly get anything done anymore, but now I now where in the UK my accent comes from, my degree of Britishness, which character in Friends, New Girl and Sex and the City I am , and where I should be living...apparently Portland - let me insert a Buzzfeed WTF here -

    I do wonder a lot of the times when I'm on Buzzfeed what the heck am I doing on it, and everytime i click on one of their "articles" I'm thinking "ok Jess, just this last one"... but it never is :(

  3. I came across Buzzfeed through a blog post and I've been hooked every since. Some of the articles I read seem to relate to my life a lot and really hits the nail on the head. The GIFs and lists are my favourite articles as well.



  4. I love Buzzfeed! My penis is huge, I am Tiana from Disney and the Crazy Cat Lady from Simpsons OH the shame.


  5. Yes, Buzzfeed is a blackhole - I loose hours and hours to it (I do secretly love it though)

  6. Buzzfeed has now become the home of Which ______ are you? Quizzes. I do love them though!

  7. The quizzes are my fave! Buzzfeed is the best!

  8. I am a buzzfeed virgin. I have no clue what you're all saying. ;-)

  9. Yes Buzzfeed is the last thing at night I check after all the other stuff and reading blogs. Sometimes they are right on the money and other times its just filler but I prefer to get my news this way!


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