Monday, 6 January 2014

A Year Of Harsh Truths.

So George Osbourne says that 2014 will be "a year of hard truths"

I say he's a twat. (Oh look George, how right you were) 

Bloody politicians, if they aren't claiming extra for heating their stables, then they are busy shaking their heads and saying, "No no, we don't want a pay rise " whilst simultaneously holding out one hand and crossing the fingers on the other hand. 

I'm no-one special, (apart from if you ask my mum) I am your average woman-on-the-street, and I am sick to death of politicians from ALL parties being about as useful as..... (Insert your own comparison here) They all tell us it is going to be hard, we are all in it together, funnily enough I am yet to find a job where not only do I get a decent salary but I can claim more in expenses than most people earn annually. If we are all in this together, why is it that we are the ones switching off our heating whilst MPs are claiming for theirs?

And I am sure that some of you out there  will say that politicians deserve their wages, but there are also probably some of you out there that thinks Sam Allardyce deserves to stay on as West Ham United manager so don't be offended if I ask for you to pee in this bottle before I can take your comments seriously. 

Harsh truths, George Osbourne? Hopefully this year it will be you that learns some painful truths. 

Most of the Great British Public I know, will suffer hardship if we know that in the end things will get better, or will tighten their belts if we are all in this together.

It seems to me the only belt-tightening going on in Westminster is where MPs are getting fat off the land. 

What do you think?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Does anybody actually like or respect George Osbourne? Maybe that arse David Cameron, but he's an ineffectual moron too!

    1. It is getting to be that they are all as bad as each other. There are no alternatives anymore are there? No-one has a solution it seems.

    2. I'm not inspired by Miliband/Balls either! They all seem utterly useless. I don't know how they can live with themselves when it's so obvious they don't deserve these jobs.

  2. All of these politicians are corrupt fat cats.

  3. Aye they're whinging that they need to find £2.5 billion... easy peasy scrap that daft high speed train that no-one wants, there's £80 billion saved, stop giving financial aid to countries that dont need or want it.... slinks off before I start shouting at the pc....

  4. I agree with Kazzy. HS2 is going to be a big fat waste of money. I best not get started about the ConDems - or I'll get more than a tad sweary.


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