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Couple’s Photography Ideas

Couple’s photography is an extremely growing trend, with everyone from parents to celebrities all taking to the photo studios to showcase their love for each other. Some couples are even using photos to announce their engagement or pregnancy! 
As it is growing so popular, we thought we’d explore this idea further to bring you some of the best tips for getting the ultimate photos of you and your other half, and right in time for Valentine’s Day.

Use black and white
Photo effects can truly transform a photograph and can make them have more of an impact in terms of mood, atmosphere and era. Black and white in particular is popular when it comes to romantic photos are it’s an effect that is timeless, classic and sophisticated. Turning your photo black and white is also really flattering. Sepia is another great effect and gives photos a really traditional, antique feel whilst adding to the romance. Speak to your photographer before the shoot to discuss what options are available for your finished photos. 

Use personal props
Why not take some precious items with you to the shoot to add in to your photos? You could be as imaginative or as simple as you like, or could simply go for the sentimental value options. Taking memories from your relationship to the shoot such as the first birthday present your other half gave you will add a lovely, memorable element to any picture. Think about the sorts of things that make you two such a great couple and the things you love about your partner, like whether they always shelter you with an umbrella or make you breakfast in bed, and try and incorporate these into your images. 

Recreate famous, romantic scenes
Work with your photographer to transform your venture photography Chester studio into the bright lights of Hollywood and recreate your favourite romantic scenes from movies! For instance, everyone remembers that kiss from Spiderman, or the epic kiss in the rain in The Notebook, so why not turn your partner into your Prince Charming? The results will no doubt be absolutely adorable and your family and friends will be really impressed at how special and different they are.

Go for the humour element

If none of these options really speak to the type of couple that you are, a great option is going for humorous yet sweet photos. You could use the photo shoot as an almost mickey-take of the whole concept, and in fact show your ‘not so perfect’ sides of your relationship with your tongues firmly in your cheeks. Even photographing the two of you laughing together would make for a really sweet and funny picture. Using your personal and private jokes in your photos will also make you giggle for years to come as you look back on them. You could also involve the kids in some funny couple’s photos, too. 

Would you have a professional picture taken of you and your other half? Do you think they are a good way of capturing a moment?

Let me know. 

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