Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Date From Hell

Browsing through The Metro and I came across this. 

Now for all you spider haters, let me give you a warning, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. 

In a nutshell, teenager goes on worst date EVER, 

(I'm sure that wasn't the type of love bite she was expecting) 

But it got me to thinking about bad dates, luckily I have never been on a bad date, but how about you?

Fill me in on your worst date ever.

Can you beat the poor girl who got bitten by a spider?

Do you think she met her date on the 'web' 

(I'll get my coat) 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. Meeting someone from a dating site... there are things you can lie about (your entire personality for example) and things you can't (ie, your height). I expected a guy of 5'9. I got a guy pushing 5'6, barely the same height as me. He then proceeded to get pissed and forcibly hold my hand (even carrying my handbag on the same side he was stood on didn't work to stop him, he just moved round me!). I put it down to bad experience and called it character building.

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  3. I was about 20 (internet dating hadn't even been invented) and was working in a pub. This guy came in every day for his lunch and we would talk. He seemed cute and shy and one day asked if he could take me out to dinner. We arranged to go the following night and I was pretty excited as I'd not really been asked out like that before - you know, properly.

    He took me to a really rough pub because "No one I know comes in here", stared at his pint in silence for about 15 minutes before abruptly leaping up, pushing me under the table and saying "Shit, my ex just walked in!" I peered out to see a pregnant young woman, hard as nails and looking daggers at him. She started shouting and I crawled out from under the table and legged it.

    He never came back to the my pub for lunch.

  4. Dude, I am the queen of disastrous relationships. Seriously, some of the stories I could tell you...

    re bad dates, I always seem to go on dates that I think are bad, but the bloke thinks they're going really well and I don't have the heart to tell him!

  5. The worst has to be when a helpful 'friend' (read: interfering cow) invited a total dweeb round to our house (we lived together at the time) without telling me it was a THING. She'd obviously spun him a tale about me being a sad, lonely recycled virgin, whilst I just thought he was her friend and paid no attention whatsoever to him, partly because he looked like a total mummy's boy. I think we all watched a film and got stoned. I went to bed early as by that time I'd gathered it was an ambush. I was laying there in bed with a bit of a spinny head from too much weed when he started knocking on the bedroom door. I pretended to be asleep, in fact I think I stopped breathing in case it lured him in. He was amazingly persistent, but he got the hint eventually. The next day I threatened my friend on pain of death never to pull that shit again. Phew.



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