Wednesday, 29 January 2014

In The Public Interest?

I'm sorry CPS (Actually, I'm not really) but do you REALLY, HONESTLY and truly think that there is "significant public interest" in prosecuting three men who were caught taking food from a skip behind Iceland. 

Three men are to be charged with taking £33 worth of food from a skip, a SKIP. 

They didn't walk in and take it off the shelves, they took it from a skip. 

To me, what should be in the public interest is finding out WHY people in this country have to take food from a skip in the first place. 

(I know that for some, this is a lifestyle choice, but for most, it is a necessity) 

What is also of public interest is WHY supermarkets are throwing away food?

If on the day it goes out of date, why can they not donate it to a local shelter? WHY would they rather throw food away than see it put to use? 

So I am sorry CPS but I think your logic SUCKS. 

I personally do NOT think it is in the public interest to prosecute people for taking food from a skip, and someone should be ashamed of themselves for letting it get this far. 

What do you think? 

Do you think people should be prosecuted for taking food from skips behind supermarkets?

Could supermarkets do more with the food instead of throwing it out? 

Anyone else going to be worried when their mum says they are going to Iceland? 

Let me know.

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  1. The amount of food that is wasted is disgusting. Supermarkets also use mechanical compactors to destroy in date, perfectly edible food just because the packaging is bashed. They would be giving to the community if they donated these products to shelters and food banks, they would be saving money by not having to pay for waste disposal and contribute less to landfills. They have the means for delivery with their vans.
    Wonky shaped veg & fruit could be given to shelters, churches who feed homeless, hospices, food banks and many others.

    Unfortunately there are many places that would love to accept food but their Health & Safety people forbid it....yep those folk again

    But to prosecute people for taking food from a skip/bin...instead of spending time & resources punishing them they could be using them to help them.

    The world is mad

  2. It's just another bit of Tory bullshit to reiterate how the little people are pawns and they can do with us what they like. It's absolutely disgusting. I think M&S are one of the only supermarkets to donate their left over food to charity. Every supermarket should do it. I echo Kazzy, the world is fucking mad.

  3. I've not told many people this (so hey let's tell the internet!) but when I was homeless a fair few years back, this is how I survived. It was the only way I could eat short of relying on friends all the time.
    So yeah I see it as utterly ridiculous that they are prosecuting these men. This whole situation disgusts me. Why not find out why they had to go to such measures just to eat! Why not help them so they don't have to continue to live this way. Eurgh. I've argued about this topic with people before as they thought I was disgusting for doing what I did.
    All I can say is I am thankful I'm now in a position that I don't need to do this to survive and that I can (usually) afford a weekly shop but I'm also not ashamed of myself in the slightest for what I had to do to eat.

  4. I know someone who worked at McFriedKing and they used to make staff take the burgers out of the wrappers before pouring them in the skip to try and ensure homeless people wouldn't eat them. It's a sad world we live in when the hungry have to stand by and watch perfectly good food go to waste


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