Monday, 6 January 2014

It's Not Right, It's Not OK.

Sorry for everyone now humming Whitney.

Dear OK Magazine, 

Please excuse the Sinead style open letter but you seem to be ignoring all the outraged tweets flooding your way and I thought this may get your attention.

40 minutes ago, you tweeted this.

Lauren Silverman is eight months pregnant with the offspring of Simon Cowell, and what do OK Magazine use as a headline to grab your attention?

"WOW, her baby bump is huge"

Of COURSE it is, the clue is in the baby bit, and bump, AND THE FACT SHE IS EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT.

Body shaming a pregnant woman, I'd like to say this is a new low for the media, but we all know it isn't. 

OK magazine, have you run out of other types of women to shame? Are there not other people out there too fat or too thin for you to shame, Have you ran out?

Are pregnant women now fair game in the media onslaught of Body Shaming? 

Well now I'm turning the tables.

Media Shaming, I will stand up and say what you have done is WRONG. 

You, OK Magazine are in the wrong.

Now what are you going to do about it? 

Why not delete the tweet, apologise and think that perhaps what you have done is wrong. There are plenty of pregnant women out there with enought pressure put on them as it is without you adding to it.

Shame on YOU, OK Magazine. 

Shame on YOU.

Big Fashionista x x x

What do you think about the OK Magazine tweet? Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x 


  1. As nearly 40 weeks pregnant, it doesn't help that I already feel like an uncoordinated whale, this is just gets my hormonal blood boiling. She looks fantastic, all pregnant women look wonderful, there is no reason for this WE ARE GROWING A HUMAN FOR GOD'S SAKE! Do you know how bloody demanding that is on our bodies?! Bugger you OK magazine.

  2. I wouldn't use OK for lav paper. Don't buy magazines ladies, they're all a crock and they screw with your self esteem so you'll buy all the shiny shit within their pages.

    1. Totally off topic here, but I would LOVE it if you two did a post together. You are both my favourite bloggers and have me in stiches with your wit. You'd go together like.... er..... dog and shit!

      No wait.... that sounds like Im saying one is a dog and the other is shit. Ignore that, just got shit on the brain. Brodys just done a crap on my kitchen floor and I can smell it.

      Anyway. Do it.

  3. Totally agree with you Leah I stopped buying magazines a couple of years ago....& not just how I feel about myself but my pocket certainly benefited from non-buying. Today I received and e-mail from Latest in Beauty with the subject line "The embarrassing problem all woman deal with..."Well what could it be?......... Cellulite.....CELLULITE!!...really, aren't there bigger problems in this's all just a load of bollocks

  4. dont forget shell be pushing that baby out with her personal trainer at her side holding her micro food diet sheet ....or is it just me being a bitter twisted old bird yet again?


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