Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My 1000th Post

One THOUSAND posts!!!!!

(except it isn't, as I kind of missed it, welcome to post number 1003) 

Wow, that is a lot of posts, (1003 to be precise, keep up here, Kellie)

I have been trying to think about whether I have a favourite post, or a favourite blogging moment now I have reached this milestone, and while I have some that will always hold a special place in my heart, I can honestly say that each and every one of the posts that I have written has been important to me.

I hear of some people who are embarrassed of the posts that they first wrote. Some of mine are truly atrocious, basically recycled press releases and talking crap (not much has changed there then) but I would never get rid of them or delete them because every post that I have written has helped me to become the blogger that I am today. Without that start, I would never have released that I much prefer to write opinion pieces, I use my old posts to see how far I have come in both my style and my life.

Occasionally now, I start to write a post and I get a funny feeling that I have written on the same topic before, I check, and BOOM, there it is, but I find that I have changed my opinion, I have learnt, been educated, or shown a different viewpoint, and that is usually by one of you guys.

It is why I love comments so much, whenever I write a post, I am just giving you my OPINION, it is never gospel, just how I see something. I always enjoy the comments that disagree and tell me why they disagree.

Over a thousand posts and no sign of stopping (Sorry about that) 

My life has changed drastically over the last year, and my style has softened, I am not so angry, I don't always get so het up on my blog posts, my blog is a great way to track different times in my life, periods of time where I had no words to share because I was unhappy, or days when there are three or four posts in a row because I have SO much to say.

The one thing in common all of my posts have, be it Nom or Vom or a post about O2 is that they all have comments on,  and I want to thank EVERYONE who has taken the time over the last few years to comment on my blog.

Comments make every blogger feel appreciated, we don't do this for money (wish I could) we do this because we love it. I love it. and every time someone comments on a post, even to disagree, I get a sense of satisfaction that I have moved someone, inspired someone or even angered someone enough to take the time to comment.

So thank you, thank you for reading my 100(3) posts.

Here is to the next 1000.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Congratulations! Here is to many more!

  2. Congratulations! I can't wait to read the next 1000! x

  3. My absolute favourite post of yours because of the quality of the comments remains the 'sexual injuries' one, a real classic :-D

  4. My absolute favourite post of yours because of the quality of the comments remains the 'sexual injuries' one, a real classic :-D

  5. Congratulations!! Well done!!
    Here's to the next 1000! x

  6. Congratulations, and here's to many many more <3

  7. Wow 1000 that is a great milestone x


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