Friday, 31 January 2014

Nom Or Vom

So last weeks Nom or Vom was a definite success, and as I like to go from one extreme to the other, this week you have clean-shaven and dare I say it? Pretty. 

If this guy doesn't have you all of a QUIVER.... (Geddit? Geddit? Oh don't worry, you will) then I don't know who will. 

(Stick around, I may throw in some "you will feel a little prick" jokes soon) 

You may not know who this man is, star of Arrow he has also appeared in some other programmes such as New Girl, Vampire Diaries and 90210.

Ladies and Gents, I bring you......

Stephen Amell


So what do we think? 

Stephen Amell?

Nom or Vom? 

Big Fashonista x x x


  1. Yes, and this reminds me I need to start watching Arrow. :)

  2. 1st pic - vom

    The rest of the picture - big Nom!!

  3. Oooh Arrow
    We all watch Arriw
    I watch really carefully

  4. You can all vom - cos he's mine!

  5. Never heard of the guy but definitely NOM!

  6. I've been Nom-ing him all month….

  7. Nom all the way. Also seems I will have to start watching Arrow....(once jaw is off the floor, that is!)

  8. Ooh yes he's a bit of alright :D

  9. never seen of heard of him before but he is a NOM!!!!!!

    *googles arrow*

  10. Never heard of him! However - om nom nom! Also: NOM. Yes please ;)


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