Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Spreading Christmas Cheer With Marks And Spencer

I can only apologise for the lateness of this post going up, Christmas cheer did indeed overtake me and unfortunately this post was overlooked. Luckily the actual gift went out and I do hope it is being put to good use.

Before Christmas, Marks & Spencer approached me about their Spread Christmas Cheer campaign, they offered to send me a voucher to the value of £20 so that I could spend it on someone or something who deserved some great cheer at Christmas. Immediately I accepted, and thought straight away of Give And Make Up, an excellent charity that helps give back dignity and strength to women and children in refuges. Christmas is no time to be in a refuge but in some cases there is no choice. A refuge is a haven. Giving help to those that need it, but there is little or nothing left over at the end of the day for those little things that can make you feel special. Give and Make up all year round accepts donations of beauty products and other things that most women take for granted and gives women back something which has sometimes been taken from them, their dignity. A slick of lipstick is not going to change anyone's circumstances but for just a little while can make you feel that little bit better about yourself, bring back some pride or some fight. 

I wanted to get something from Marks & Spencer that could be used by one of the children or babies, when you are in a hurry and are packing essentials, sometimes something like a cuddly toy can be overlooked, something to hug is also something that can be needed in a refuge. 

I chose this.

A blanket and duck toy bring warmth and comfort which I sent off to the address at Give and Make Up. 

More details can be found here if you too would like to donate anything.

I would like to thank http://www.marksandspencer.com for the opportunity to get involved in their Spread Christmas Cheer campaign. 

And I hope you can all get involved and Spread Cheer all year round.

Big Fashionista x x 


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  1. This is really sweet of you. Such a great charity and a really cute purchase. I've been emptying out one of my beauty cupboards (one!) and filling a box over Christmas. Hopefully it will help someone x


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