Thursday, 30 January 2014

Superdrug Are Massive Twats

Yeah, I went there.

We all know my history with Superdrug, I took them to task for bodyshaming before, and I will bloody well do it again now.

Superdrug, in their wisdom (HA) are trialling some new scales which instead of having numbers, tell you what celebrity you weigh closely to. 

Sorry, Daily Mail link coming up.

(Are you kidding me???)

Superdrug say that this will take away the stigma of weight and get more people talking.

I say they can fuck off. 

Do I actually give a shit about whether I weigh 2 BeyoncĂ©s? Or 2 and a quarter Queen Latifahs? 

No, I care about being a healthy weight, not wondering how much the leg of a certain celeb weighs so I can say,

"I lost one Beyoncé arm last week, Go me"

Superdrug, you are a bunch of attention seeking idiots, if it would have been April 1st I would have laughed and said that no way was this anything other than a prank.

You say that these scales are a good thing? The generation we are currently rearing are being forcefed by the media enough celebrities that they should aspire to look like, act like and be like, NOW you want them to weigh like them too.

NO. I say NO. 

What do you say? 

Big Fashionista x x x 


Half an hour ago, Superdrug posted this.

Personally, I think that Superdrug were just hoping to go viral, and I suppose in a way, I helped them do that.

HOWEVER, if something is wrong, I will ALWAYS stand up and say that it is wrong, yes it may be giving them the attention they crave, but to say nothing, would be worse, I feel. 

But what Superdrug forget is that we have long memories, I for one will not forget what they have done. Did they create a topic we could all talk about? Yes, but they went about it the wrong way, as the comments below show. 

And yet as well, there is no apology. Not even a non-apology where someone apologises for if you are offended. 

Sorry Superdrug, I ain't buying what you are selling.

How about you? 

What do you think of the update?

Big Fashionista x x 



  1. I don't even understand why such a useless product has been brought out. In actual real life, there is no use for a product telling you what person you weigh the same as. Does it reprogramme itself each week depending on whether Beyonce spent 7 days straight in the gym or 7 days straight eating pizza? Probs not. Do I care how much I weigh compared to a celebrity with a different bodyshape, height and lifestyle? Nah. Go home Superdrug, you're drunk.

  2. Who in the right mind would buy those? So you weigh the same as say, Gemma Collins, to me that would make me read what they say in the papers about her and apply that to myself.

    What a silly idea superdrug. Scales are scales, we don't need another tool to compare ourselves with others

  3. What?! I don't even.. what???
    Hooray for more pressure on ladies to look like airbrushed celebrities, and more reasons to pick on the aforementioned celebs? :(
    Nope, I don't like this idea one bit!!

  4. I'd like to know if the celebs agreed to this

  5. quite simply



  6. Wait, what?! Seriously?? This is insane! I can't even imagine anyone buying these other than as a gag gift! What twonks!

  7. This was exactly my thoughts on reading this.

  8. I imagine you weigh six Beyonces and that is why you are so upset about Superdrug

    1. Hi Anon, if that is the case, I weigh 12 Beyonce's and will be coming to sit on you.

      Seriously?! That is what you have to say about this?!

      Kellie, what about a slight girl getting on the scales and getting Kate Moss and thinking, yeah, that's healthy. I want to stay at this weight. It's all a mess x

  9. I wanted to say WTAF, but I see that has already been said.

  10. I'd rather weigh one of me, than two of any 'celebrity'.

  11. Words fail me....!!

    Where is male version 'Do you weigh the same as Gerard Butler?' with a tape measure marked with each male celebs biceps measurements??

    Dangerous, ridiculous and downright sexist

  12. HOLY JESUS. Just, no. No. Just no.


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