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Tips for when Introducing your Pet to your Baby

Everyone who has a pet will understand that they are a vital part of the family, but what happens when another family member arrives?

When bringing your new baby home, it can be a stressful time for your pet – especially high maintenance ones like cats and dogs that are used to having your full attention.

However, with a few clever tips and the right care, you can ensure that the transition of adding to your family will be an amazing experience for all members of the family – even the four legged ones!

Get your pet familiar with the baby’s things early on and establish boundaries

Setting up things like the crib, changing tables and toys early on before the baby arrives can ease the transition for your pet as they will have the time to get used to the new objects/noise/mess before having to get used to the baby as well. Make it clear to them where they’re allowed and where they’re not too, from the start.

Try to keep your pets routine as normal as possible

Although it may be difficult as you’ll have a hundred and one other things to think about and do, try and make things as easy as possible for your pet by keeping important things like their feeding times the same, and provide them with a quite space to get some privacy and rest.

Introduce them to each other slowly, letting the pet get used to the baby’s smell

Don’t put too much pressure on your pet too quickly by throwing them into the middle of the action and giving them lots of interaction with the baby straight away. Ease them in to the process, by letting them get used to their smell and noises so that they don’t get scared or too confused.

Ensure their nails are kept trimmed

As your pet does get more curious and interactions between them and your baby become more frequent, it’s important to ensure their nails are kept short to avoid any little scratches or nicks. You can trim them yourself with cat or dog nail trimmers, or visit the vets regularly.

Invite friends over with babies so your pet gets used to infants

A great idea – if possible – is to invite people over who you know that have babies so that your pet can get used to having a baby around. Think of it as a bit of a trial run for when your little one arrives, though I’m sure your pet will instantly love yours straight away!

Never leave them alone together

No matter how confident you are that the two of them are getting on like a house on fire, pets and children should always be supervised when spending time together to eliminate the possibilities of any accidents.

Keep the pet’s food out of baby’s way

Something important to think about as the baby grows and starts finding their feet; it’s important to keep the pet food out of their way. Whilst royal canin food may be your dog’s favourite, your baby is less likely to be so enthusiastic! It shouldn’t do them any real harm, but may give them an upset tummy.

How did you integrate your pets and new baby?

Let me know.

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