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Colour B4 Review

I am well known in my circle of friends for having bright, colourful hair, I have spent years as an unnatural redhead, and recently I have sported bright green hair, green and blue hair and then most recently, blue hair. 

Recently I have been hankering for a return to red hair and had been looking for a way to get rid of the blue before colouring again. 

Being in the industry that I am, I had heard of Colour B4, which was created in 2009, and I thought this would be a great way of removing the dye.

I was sadly wrong. 

A history of my hair.

5 months ago I dyed my hair red, then approx 4 months ago I bleached it, and applied a bright red. A month or so after that I bleached it again and applied, Directions, Alpine Green Hair Dye, then just before Christmas I applied a blue Directions hair dye over the top. 

As you can see, I really didn't want to be using a bleach again so soon, so Colour B4 seemed like a great solution to my problem.

I had been warned beforehand that the product smelt "funky" and the only way I can describe it is, it smells as if something has died and then rotted in the back of your fridge, you have gone away for a week and you had a powercut. 

(After applying the Colour B4, I came out of the bathroom to a queue, a child of my loins entered the bathroom and quickly came running out again saying, "you need help, you are not well")

Application was very easy, I felt like an amateur scientist mixing A with B 

and then leaving for an hour. I had purchased the extra strength Colour B4 as if my memory serves me correctly I have naturally dark hair. 

This solution apparently reverses the molecule size and makes them larger so they do not stick to your hair and makes the rinsing an integral part of the removal. I rinsed, and I rinsed and at that point my hair still looked as if I was a mermaid (wishful thinking) but felt very smooth and silky.

After the first rinse I had to apply some of bottle C which was the buffer. THIS was an issue. It lathered up very quickly but after starting to rinse, my hair felt as if it had melted together. I couldn't get my fingers through it at all and it was just one big clump of hair. I continued to rinse but I was terrified, and it still looked blue. I used the buffer again as instructed, I could practically hear my hair SCREAMING that I obviously hated it. After rinsing again I cracked and put conditioner on my hair so that I would be able to get a brush through it. Without the conditioner I would NOT have been able to, my hair felt as if it had melted.

I gently brushed it and let it dry naturally as I was worried about using heat and the result?



And in the light?

One thing I will say is, the Colour B4 may have removed a thin layer of built up colour, I have been asked since doing this if I have coloured my hair again. However my hair feels extremely dry and even though I recently had it cut, the ends feel split and rough.

I approached Colour B4 to ask them if they could shed some light on why the Colour B4 didn't work for me and said that I could add their answer on this post for balance. They declined, which surprised me. 

So I seem to be stuck with blue hair for now, my hair feels too dry to be able to do anything else to it at the moment, I was surprised that the Colour B4 didn't work for me at all, and unfortunately I have no answers to WHY it didn't. 

Can anyone lend me a hat?

Have you used Colour B4?

Did it work for you?

Or if you have any ideas why it didn't work for me, I'd love to know.

Big Fashionista xxx



  1. oh what a shame, I've been looking for Colour B4 to remove my currently red hair so I can go back to blonde but wont bother now!

  2. very scary honey it would have been tears before bedtime in this house
    Now I thought it was only there to take the "build up " off and not to flush out clean the colour ..... think you need to be doing lots of deep heat conditioning and sat with cling film on for the next few days - turbans are making a come back darling

  3. Allo! Oh no! Can't believe you had no lift! I've used colour b4 multiple times and never had a problem, mine was always on copper hair to transition to lighter or redder! But I do remember having directions pink hair underneath my copper colour, and it still being there after the process! I think it something to do with it staining the hair shaft, rather then like a Permanent colour with molecules etc. I does stink doesn't it! Like vinegar and perm lotion!
    I had the same feeling while shampooing, it feels like yourve used washing up liquid. Weird! Be extra gentle and build up the protein again D: sorry mermaid lady!

  4. It worked for me (I went from several layers of permanent blue-black to a gingery version of my natural colour) but dear god, the smell. And it sticks around, for at least a month. I could smell it every time I washed my hair! I ended up getting a couple of inches chopped off the length and a few deep conditioning treatments to sort my hair out! Good luck! xx

  5. Bum. I was really hoping that it would work for you. mainly so I'd get off my posterior and sort my mess of hair out!

  6. Shave your head and buy a selection of wigs. All the chemicals in hair dye are not good for you, my hair is a right mess after years of dyeing it strange colours.

  7. That is so bizarre, it doesn't look like it's removed any colour at all! Maybe speaks volumes that they weren't willing to discuss it too? xx

  8. Weird! I used CB4 to remove blue/black back to my natural brown and it came off in one hit. Maybe you're just meant to be a mermaid ;)

    J x

  9. I have been eyeing it up over the last few months but I am so glad I never got it. Don't think my hair could stand being any more damaged.

    Your blue hair looks great though, really suits you :)

  10. That's crap! I almost used it once before and decided against it...which I'm glad of. My friend has dyed her naturally blonde hair black for years, and when she used this stuff, it didn't work either. I hope your hair feels better soon x

  11. I use this product fairly often and have had no issues. Yes it stinks but for me it did remove the colour and was actually recommended to me by a hairdresser specialising in colour. Like the others said it could be that they dye has stained the hair shaft.

  12. I've used it once and never again.....I had red hair at the time and it turned it ginger on top and a little bit of a lighter red colour at the ends!! My hair felt like straw and took ages to recover!! Not for me!!

  13. I've used it once, it was ok but not great, got out a fair amount of colour but left a lot to be desired. It smelt ok, just like hair product gone off a little bit and wasn't that noticable. Like you the buffer was the worst bit and if I ever bought it again (which I won't) I would completely skip that step! Felt like it ruined my hair

  14. Im always scared of home colouring but i do it because it costs a fortune to keep up with covering my grey at the salon lol. You seem to suit your hair any colour you have one of those skin tones that looks good nomatter what. Id love to pull off a funky colour but i would just look like a mad woman x

  15. It does say in in the leaflet that this won't work for semi permanent dyes. Directions and other veggie dyes that come in one pot and you don't mix with a developer are true semis. They stain the outside of the hair, colour removers only take hair dye away that has been deposited within the hair shaft.

  16. I used this and it worked fantastically. I had a dark red on my hair that I had used repeatedly for a few years. I wanted to go lighter and nothing lifted the red. The only problem I have is yes the dryness. But the smell omg its awful. Rotten eggs. And now a week later and at least 5 washes it still smells. Thankfully not so much when dry but as soon as it gets wet the smell just fills the bathroom.

  17. So I used this, because I wanted to go back natural. I had bleached my hair blonde ages ago and more recently dyed it pink using semi permanent dye. Used the cb4 and now I have weirdly faded blue hair. Great

  18. Hi there, Colour B4 extra strength worked for me, it took off about 20 layers of permanent colour really well. Like you said, it makes your hair feel like it's melted together during buffering.
    It initially resembled a fetid fox after drying it, and smelled like one too. And several weeks later,it STILL stinks when wet and as a result, I've had 24 inches cut off in an attempt to rid my hair of the stink and the horrendous fluffiness it's become. I've heard it won't work well on bleached then dyed hair. I don't know if that's what's happened with you?
    Either way, I hate it and love it in equal measure, even though it did the job, I'd never use it again. I am trying to find a solution to getting rid of the smell because it was embarrassing sitting in Toni and Guy apologising in advance to the stylist about the smell from my hair when it's wet. And, having to have 2 feet of hair cut off was NOT what I had planned this year.

  19. What I come away from reading this Directions have improved since I used it as a teen! :D It really seems to hold well now. It's so horrible and scary when your hair 'clumps' isn't it? I had that from over bleaching and wanted to cry!!

  20. I'm exactly the same as Emiliee - I used it on my semi pink hair die and I now look like a smurf with blue hair! I don't understand why this happened?


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