Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Im Definitely, Maybe A Little Distraught

So it was announced this morning that Oasis are re-releasing Definitely Maybe, with some new material on it, cue die-hard Oasis fans who are more than slightly gutted that it wasn't an announcement that the band are getting back together.

And while guys, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish but, Whats The Story (Morning Glory) is one on the best albums of all time (Thanks Kanye) my main point is this.


I was extremely surprised this morning when I heard that one. (While putting on my varicose vein cream it seems)  

Twenty years? That's back when I had a waist, and thighs, and when I sneezed, NOTHING HAPPENED! (Oh them were the days) 

I can't say I miss those days. Oh ok, I kind of miss the sneezing part.

But twenty years? Er, where did THAT time go?

Next you will be telling me that Achtung Baby (Oh ask your bloody parents) is 23 years old!

and Britney Spears released Hit Me Baby One More Time 15 years ago!!!

I would cry, but I don't think I can afford the wrinkles!

What albums out there feel like timeless classics to you?

Where you shocked that Oasis, Definitely Maybe is twenty years old?

and would you still dance to Hit Me Baby, One More Time?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. You almost had me with the Britney one.....I had to google it :-D

  2. I'm definitely maybe indifferent about Oasis reforming or re-releasing their album. However, my gast was indeed flabbered to discover how long ago it was originally released. This also means it's been 20 years since 'Parklife' by Blur!

  3. I read an article last night that compared us listening to "old albums" to the "old albums of when that album was released" - it sounds confusing but it's not. It's like if you listened to Michael Jackson's Thriller now, the album of the same age when that was originally released was Elvis Presley's first album. Intriguing stuff!!

    1. Ooooh do you have a link, Nickie?

    2. Just had to dig it out of my history - it's "timeline twins" -

  4. Nickie, thats pretty cool stuff!
    My first ever "proper" favourite album was 'K' by Kula Shaker. It came out 18 years ago. Can we just pretend that was when I was born? I am young, honest.
    Katt xo

  5. When my favourite band of all time (Manics) released a 20 year anniversary edition of their first album, the main difference was I needed reading glasses for the sleeve notes :-)

  6. Love the new look Kellie! I cannot believe it's 20 years either! craaaaazy how time flies. Oh and just two days ago I played Britney's Hit Me Baby One More Time and my partner almost walked out on me hehehhee I did play it VERY loud :P
    To me, Pulp's Common People is...simply...sublime....utter pop perfection, still today, a gazillion years later


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