Monday, 10 February 2014

Just Blue, Fashion For Everyone

I know, I know. Fashion on Big Fashionista?!?!?! Who would have thought it?

I am a huge fan of wrap dresses, in fact over the last year or so, I have found my whole style changing a lot. Whilst I love to throw on a pair of jeans and my walking boots, I also now like to mix it up with dresses and tunics. I work from home, so the temptation to just stick to the jeans is all consuming, but now I find myself wearing dresses during the day and not just saving them for a night out.

I was talking last week about a company called, Just Blue. You can find them here.

I was talking about how much I loved THIS dress.

Which quickly became MY dress........

and ended up on my body last Friday night when I hit the town in Leeds.

red dress, fashion, blue hair

fashion, red dress, blue hair,

red dress, blue hair, fashion

blue hair, red dress, fashion,

the material drapes perfectly, and this dress is a real wrap dress, so make sure those knots are tight.

The dress is also available in two other colours, I must admit I am tempted as this is the style of dress I love and suits my figure, and will be able to be pulled out of the wardrobe years from now and still be a classic.

The company, Just Blue has some fantastic pieces. I have drooled over quite a few other dresses and tops, go check them out for yourself at 

spring summer fashion

and for more sneaky peeks, you can follow them on Twitter here @Just_Blue

Have you heard of Just Blue before? What do you think of my dress? Should I buy it in other colours?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x

*disclaimer, this dress was sent to me for review purposes, words as always are my own, but I bloody well love this dress.


  1. If they can make my curves and lady pillows look as fabulous as yours them I am definitely going to go have a look x

  2. You look gorgeous, Kellie. Love it!

  3. You look shamazing! And thanks for the heads up on Just Blue..... wee bit in lurve! Xx

  4. Boom chicka wow wow! Love you in this dress and the blue polka one looks fab too. x x

  5. That dress is gorgeous on you! Perfect fabric for your colouring, too.

  6. Stunning Ms fashionista!Thanks for the heads up Just Blue are a great find!!! Love the white wrap shirt on there myself.


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