Friday, 7 February 2014

Nom Or Vom, The Six Nations Edition

For my readers across the pond wondering what rugby is, it's like American Football just without all the padding, no helmets and takes considerably less time to play. Try it, you may enjoy it.

Today, as we are coming up to the second match in the Six Nations, I thought I would bring you a selection of delights, one from each country.

Just let me know which one is your favourite and the country with the most Noms will win the trophy.

The Six Nomtions if you will. 

England, Chris Robshaw

France, Max Medard

Ireland, Rob Kearney

Scotland, Kelly Brown 

Wales, Ryan Bevington

Italy, Tommaso Benvenuti

So which one does it for you the most? 

Ladies and Gents, who is YOUR favourite?

Nom or Vom?

Big Fashionista x x 



  1. None of them. Ryan Jones for the win ;-)

  2. None of them. Ryan Jones for the win ;-)

  3. None of those are particularly doing it for me (but we're not straying into vom territory), I am a fan of French rugby boys ever since I heard about the Dieux du Stade calendars. Naked French rugby boys doing suggestive things.

  4. Wales = Leigh Halfpenny man. No question AT ALL x

  5. The top 3 nom nom nom I love rugby men so ohh just yummy! Excuse me...

  6. I've clearly got a thing about the Mediterranean vibe. The only one that evokes a heartfelt "Nom" from me is the Italian stallion.

  7. oh hello Ireland..and Italy you're both NOM NOM NOM! the rest...nah sorry you don't make the cut this time.

  8. Ohh send me the Italian one my way!!...Nom! Nom! Nom.

  9. I'd do Chris Robshaw some damage!!

  10. Ireland & Wales have my vote, looks & accents.

  11. Nom

    ALLLL of them NOM!

    Muddy men in shorts NOMMMMMMMMMMM

  12. WALES is stunning... the rest are eye candy! Nomnom!


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