Friday, 14 February 2014

Nom or Vom

Er, so it is Valentine's Day and I thought if would bring you a man that is so comfortable naked that this weeks Nom or Vom is pretty much NSFW. (I probably should have mentioned that) 

Happy Valentine's Day to meeeeeeeeeee.

So without further ado, let me show you this week's Nom or Vom.

Alexander Skarsgard.

SEE, sooooooo naked. 

Think he needs a hug to warm him up? 

So what do we think?

Alexander Skarsgard?

Nom or Vom? 

Big Fashionista x x 


  1. NOM NOM FUCKING NOM. I'd absolutely waste him, he's just so outrageously handsome. All the yes! Xox

  2. I'll have that one washed and brought to my tent thank you very much *noms*

  3. Total Nominator! All day everyday espesh when he wears his Viking clothes! *shudders*

  4. A reluctant vom from me, fit yes,; but too blond and hair free

  5. Vom most definitely vom


  6. I'm going neither! He's not a vom, but he's too pretty boy.

    Catherine x

  7. This is not a man who is afraid to o without clothes.
    And thats perfectly fine by me.

  8. A definite NOM from me! He has always had a special place in my heart <3 Not my usual type, but he is just TOO delicious!

  9. He's a god. And should be worshipped as such. Jesus he looks like he was chipped from marble *drools*

  10. Everything about him is not my cup of tea at all.

    However there's a tremor in the force *ahem*

    So reluctantly stand aside ladeez he's a nom

  11. Hmmm on paper he's a vom too pretty, no hair bla bla bla

    If I went upstairs and he was lying like that on my bed, I certainly wouldn't be kicking him out so he's a nom

  12. Without paper bag.. VOM!
    With paper bag... NOM!

  13. God love the Swedes and their comfort with their naked bodies. I'd climb him like a tree.

  14. I'mma have to say...vom. He's a bit too smooth. Kinda reminds me of Ken (Ken and Barbie). That, and he looks a bit dead in the face.

    Honestly, I'm not usually this fussy.

  15. A vom from me...always preferred the dark haired one in True Blood - the one that knocked Sookie up in real life.

  16. NOM ... I want him, i need him.... NOM NOM NOM :)

  17. Defo NOM well fit I didnt think so at first but he really grew on me x

  18. Bit late, but a vom from me, far too pale and pasty, lacking in manly hirsuitness.


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