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Pushed Beyond Breaking Point

I'm going to add a disclaimer to this post, right here at the top. Firstly, I am in no way, shape or form decrying what Davina McCall is currently doing. I am awestruck at her strength and ability to push through the pain barrier for a cause that she obviously truly believes in, when most people, trained or otherwise would be running home to their mummy to kiss it all better.


Is it just me that feels extremely uncomfortable watching Davina McCall complete her challenges.

They have called this 'Beyond Breaking Point' and they are really not kidding about when they say this. Each day, Davina is cycling, swimming, running, and fell walking, each challenge taking every ounce of strength from her body and she has to give more the next day.

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Watching Davina McCall talking to BBC Breakfast television before swimming in Lake Windamere, seeing her fight back the tears while being interviewed and then sobbing with terror and cold before beginning her swim was possibly the most heart-rending interview I have ever watched. I just kept thinking, SURELY there has to be a better way than this to raise money for Sport Relief?

Have we, the public become SO thirsty for the suffering and pain and others that we are forcing people to give us everything but their last breath from their body?

And if you saw Davina as she was carried from the water after completing her swim, you would be forgiven for just a second, thinking that she had given her last.

I felt like a voyeur watching as she was carried from the water, an intensely private moment, carried out on film as it will make for good fundraising.

Is it a cruel and yet cunning way of tugging on our heart  purse strings? 

Are we, the public now demanding BLOOD and suffering for our donations? And where does this end?

Eddie Izzard completed back-to-back marathons, John Bishop raised over £1.6m for Sports Relief in 2012 by completing a week of hell, running, swimming, and cycling and David Walliams made himself extremely ill by swimming the Thames last year. So much pain, is there not another way?

And how does the next celebrity top that at the next Sports Relief? anything less than broken bones will just seem tame, will it not?

So I have nothing but respect for Davina, but does anyone else feel extremely uncomfortable watching her put herself through this in the name of charity???

Let me know.

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  1. I think Joe Public is becoming so immune to watching celebs (or anyone) do stuff that I fear you're right and only broken bones and blood will appease people to give to charity. This makes me incredibly uncomfortable. What happened to laying in a bath of cold beans to raise money?

  2. I've not watched anything about her doing the challenges, other than news coverage and if I'm brutally honest I don't give a fuck!
    If she is so dedicated to the 'cause' why doesn't she donate her money instead of pushing herself to the brink of killing herself, I don't see the point.
    I don't believe it has anything to do with Sport Relief it's about her getting more publicity, just like every other celeb who has done these types of challenges!

  3. You know what? I really don't care anymore. I mean what is the point? Why is she pushing herself like this? For charity? No it's to get Dav on the telly and for us poor suckers to buy her fitness DVD's and donate to charity which I do already I don't need some 'celeb' to do daft almost killing themselves challenges to 'persuade' me to donate, I donate because I want to!
    If she finds Sport Relief such a worthy cause why doesn't she donate her cash instead? But then she wouldn't get as much publicity for just donating her cash would she?

  4. I caught a bit of her teary interview the other day on the news and it was really upsetting. I won't be watching any more of it and I think she's very brave or foolish (I'm not sure what yet) to be doing this. She's a mum, and her kids are probably going to see her in a terrible state mentally and physically, if not in person, then on TV. I can't imagine what the impetus to do this was - even with the charity aspect - it's a fucking shit time of year, it's freezing, and she's probably going to catch a foul illness like David Walliams did from the rank water. I don't want to see anyone suffer to raise money. I think the whole thing is a bloody travesty, and Davina seems to be a people pleaser so she's going to virtually kill herself to do this. When they were carrying her up those stairs she looked like a corpse. I don't want any part of it.

  5. You have summed up TOTALLY how I feel about this..... I felt sick and cringed at looking at the pictures of her half dead after the lake Windamere swim.
    if everyone just gave £1 it'd raise a lot!

  6. It's crazy!! She must be in a world of pain! I've not seen any of it on tv, I will wait for the montage on sport relief. But heard all about it on radio 1. Plus the conditions she has against her, wind, rain, cold- she must be mentally breaking! I did almost cry watch David Williams finish his swim ... You do want to see th succeed and then donate cos of it x

  7. ...grr iPad screwed up the last comment

    I'm a hideous person. A vile cynic. I don't watch or take part in any of these huge planned telethon type fundraisers any more. I feel it's about celebrity, bravery (of the person doing the challenge) and no longer about people in need. I save my charitable giving for a regular charity with a monthly payment, no blackmail. And I donate to disaster relief as and when things happen. It's amazing that people do amazing things but it's not my cup of tea to watch it.


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