Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Rebecca Adlington, Are The Media Sticking Their Nose In?

I was going to write an open letter to Rebecca Adlington, then I realised that I HATE open letters, in fact the whole idea of open letters should just disappear.

Open letters are a bit like my cooking, overdone and sometimes quite unpalatable. 

So instead, here is my opinion on the media frenzy around Rebecca Adlington and whether she has had work done on her nose.

big fashionista

Rebecca Adlington can do what the HELL she wants. 

You are disappointed in her for not learning to love herself as she is?


IF, Rebecca Adlington has had a rhinoplasty, then that is HER business, if she didn't like what she saw in the mirror and wanted to change it and can afford to do so, then why on earth is it anything to do with anyone else?

Is she meant to stay unhappy, if indeed she was, so that other people who are also unhappy can feel as if they are not alone?

Does misery love company?

I just do not understand the fuss around this, and I am sure Rebecca didn't expect it either.

Just because she is in the public eye, should she not be able to change something that she wants to change?

If I disliked a part of my body like my nose or my bust and I could change it, then yes, yes I would and I am not sorry about that.

Rebecca Adlington is not the first woman out there to have cosmetic surgery, and she will not be the last.

But does she deserve the media attention she now faces?

What do you think about it all? If Rebecca Adlington has had surgery, are you of the opinion that she can do what she want with her own body, or do you feel let down that she has not learnt to love herself?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. When I was 8 (1978), my Mum took me to my Dr because I hated my ears. They stuck out - big time. "We'll get you an appointment as soon as possible." 3 years later I started at a secondary school where I knew.... no one! From a 60 pupil rural primary to a 1500 secondary...let the bullying commence! I put up with the comments...then found my inner, sarcastic Goddess. I no longer cared. Started college Sept 1996...gobby, self-confident.....until a letter arrived... ! 8 years - yes, 8 years after my appt, they could fit me in. I didn't want to, Mum persuaded me to....I now have lovely* ears that I can't stand people touching, *my "pixie points" are hard to see, and I feel I wasted a bed that someone else could have used - I'd found my voice (Big ears? Yes, but you're face reminds me of a smacked arse etc!) I had the op. I have a love/hate thing going with my ears, but now I wouldn't change them. To get to the point... at last (!) if RA has/hasn't had surgery, so what? It's her choice. In my opinion, unless you go too far (Jordan et al), if it makes you happy/more confident....who cares?? Rant over, sorry

  2. Sometimes you need to change yourself to love yourself; whether that change is mental or physical - who cares? As long as you make the change for *you* and not as a result of external pressure. I hope Rebecca is deliriously happy and has more confidence than ever before. As for the media making this front page news: shove it up your ****

  3. I thoroughly AGREE with you Kellie... it's the young lady's Own Business & she should NOT BE HARRASSED for it by the Media or any member of the Public. Well Done You. ★

  4. True enough, it's entirely up to her and a whole heap of her wanting to do it is the media's fault anyway.

    My only fear for Rebecca is that in the long term the issues resurface - because when someone puts themselves through corrective surgery (I hate the term 'cosmetic' in this context because looks have relatively little to do with it) they're issues the person hasn't been able to resolve. They'll sneak back in and niggle away again. Perhaps even burn.

  5. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Rebecca Adlington a couple of weeks ago whilst I was in work - I have to say, she is possibly the nicest, most down to earth person I have ever met. She has this wonderful personality that just brightens your day! If she wants to change her outward appearance, then that is entirely her choice. We don't call for outrage when someone dyes their hair a different colour, whats the big deal if someone changes something more permanent? I just hope her personality doesn't change - that would be far worse. When all is said and done, our faces and bodies are going to change drastically with age, so why shouldn't we elect to change something ourselves? Not to sound too cliché, but it really is what's inside that counts!

  6. Wonder how many of these troll idiots have an Olympic medal to their name?

  7. If she HAS done work on her nose it makes me REALLY sad, as (1) they shouldn't have been so critical of her (2) it is so sad that it had an effect on her and (3) it won't help her sporting abilities, so we have turned her into an object. All very very sad. LOVE THE NEW BLOG LOOK by the way x


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