Thursday, 13 February 2014

Thank God For ITVBe

Thank GOD. Finally there will be no more accidentally stumbling across Newsnight, no more recoiling in horror as Match Of The Day follows a chick flick and I don't get to the remote quick enough. What on earth would happen to my poor little brain if by accident I caught a documentary on the horrors of Benghazi?

Well THANKFULLY, ITV have now sorted that all out for me. A brand new channel is coming soon, aimed at young women it will be the new home of TOWIE and other reality based programmes.

Well thank fuck for that! 

(If there are no unicorns in the logo I will throw a complete bitch fit)

Do we not have it hard enough? Now we get our TV cherry picked for us as well and put safely on one channel so we don't interfere with anyone else's viewing choices. 

Now I haven't seen the full line up for this channel yet. But TOWIE on it's own is enough to make me want to never watch this channel. Will the adverts all be for cleaning products and things that are pink?

ITV, women don't want a channel aimed at them. Women are wonder pus creatures, we like the news, sports AND reality TV shows. The same as every other person on this planet, and this channel, to me, seems HIGHLY insulting. 

I wonder just how stereotypical it is going to be?

Have you seen anything about ITVBe?

Have you watched a news programme and found that your tiny female brain could not handle it?

Are you a man, wondering why you don't get a channel of your very own?

Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Don't worry, Movies For Men is a channel on Sky, so ITVBe and all of it's shitty fluff is going to be amazing. Or not. Sounds like shit - a channel dedicated to things as bad as TOWIE?!

  2. No no, surely it's so that TOWIE and shit of a similar ilk no longer have to take up time on real channels..?!

  3. YES! A channel with all the crap in one place means I only have to avoid one channel. I think my fargile, teeny female brain can just about handle that

  4. ITV4 was aimed at men at one point, although not sure if it still is. It had manly programmes about cars and sport. I personally am glad all that crap programming is in one place - makes it easier to avoid!!!!!!!

  5. ITV4 was aimed at men at one point although not sure if it still is. It had manly things like sport and cars and Traffic Cops on it. I personally am glad that all the crap programmes like TOWIE will be in one place, makes it easier to avoid!!!!!!!

  6. YES! A channel with all the crap in one place means channel surfing will be SO much easier. I think my fragile, teeny female brain can handle that ... just!

  7. This is actually how I feel about "women's magazines", they're always full of fashion, make up, sex tips etc etc, the book and film reviews are generally girlie ones, because girls can't possibly be into sports or video games. Don't get me wrong, I like some of the stuff in magazines aimed at the female demographic, but most of it I couldn't give a toss about. Personally, I think general interest channels and magazines are a much better idea than stereotyping by gender!

    Anyway, rant over :)

  8. Oh dear God, could they BE any more patronising? (The thing that depresses me most about this if that there's a fair chance it will be a success, which means a significant number of ladies are swallowing the b/s they're trying to sell us).

    It reminds me of a tweet (a.k.a. social media advert) I saw yesterday that said "Lingerie and quality chocolates. What more could a woman want?" (I replied "Really? What more could a woman want? REALLY?? I have a long list, as I'm sure do most other women.")

    It's all very well to enjoy our feminity - or even relish it! - but there's no way I plan to narrow my interests or check my IQ at the door and immerse myself in pink in the process.

  9. Just another channel to ignore. :-)


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