Monday, 24 February 2014

You Can't Sit With Us

Lately it seems as if there has been a little bit of a Mean Girls revival. 

And I'm not overly happy with this.

Take this jumper that Lauren Pope is wearing......

Lauren Pope, Big Fashionista

Go on, take it, because quite frankly, it makes me feel ill. 

Yes, it's from a film, a film that to be honest I have never really understood why so many people rave over. 

(Although that's neither here nor there)

But to me, this jumper is less Mean Girls, and more just, well, MEAN.

I don't see the attraction in wearing a jumper that says, "You can't sit with us" what sort of image does that portray?

Certainly not one I want to have.

Is it funny? 

To many people who heard this sort of thing in school, hell no is it funny, or witty. It brings back bad memories of bullying, and WHO wants to be that person anyway? 

If I saw someone wearing that jumper, my instant reaction would be, "Well I don't  want to sit with you anyway" 

What would your reaction be? 

Big Fashionista x x x 


  1. I agree, I did love the Mean Girls film.. (it was during my Lindsay Lohan girl crush faze) but 1. Why would you openly wear a jumper that makes you look like a bitch and 2. Who the hell is Lauren Pope?

  2. It's detestable to be completely honest. Having been bullied and picked on for many years, I can say, with certainty, that this type of slogan and Mean Girls attitude can affect someone deep into their life. Yes, it's a bit of craic and fun but not when you're on the recieving end. Would we wear sloganed tees of DV, no we wouldn't. Same goes for bullying, even emotional bullying. The Mean Girls revival needs to die a death as far as I'm concerned. Great post Kel xx

  3. personally she just made it easy to spot the BITCH ........... because you must be a dumb bitch to wear it

  4. I actually think it's funny but that's because Mean Girls was 'the' movie of my generation so I guess we could all relate to the characters. So the jumper projects some nostalgia for me. If I saw someone in this jumper I'd be like - cool - I want one too - but not for the true meaning written on it, but for that nostalgia. It's just like with recent Wildfox campaign - they recreated Clueless settings in it and it was a huge hit - people like to come back to their teenage memories. :)

  5. ive watched mean girls once, and hated it! ive had that said to me, and that jumper is stupid basically, id say the same as you really.

    Catherine x

  6. I like it, but only because I love Mean Girls and it was THE film amongst my friends growing up. If I had never seen the film, and therefore not know that this is a quote, I would probably think this comes off as a bit mean but I don't think it would have a big effect on me emotionally and I wouldn't feel offended. same as those 'nerd' 'dork' etc t-shirts that were around a few years ago...

    I'd probably wear it, and I'm not a dumb bitch! :)

  7. Ok, here is my 2 cents.
    This top only works on two levels
    1) if EVERYONE knew the quote or knew what film it was from, then fine! it works. But its not a big quotable saying is it? I mean it's not "We're gonna need a bigger boat" or "You can't handle the truth" is it?! So in that respect it fails to be a top with a Quotable saying on it.
    2) if you wear a top with a saying that is supposed to be taken light heartedly, then make sure you are not a ice faced looking bitch, who is renowned for being a bit of a bitch to other women.

    but what do i know? I thought the saying was from "forrest gump"

    1. It all depends who is the recipient of the message - I had to Google both quotes you've given here although I like Jaws I don't know it by quote. But I know Mean Girls by quote, it's just 'the' movie of the generation. :)

  8. I was bullied terribly all through school but this wouldn't offend me at all. The film is hilarious, and the whole point is these girls aren't even happy, they learn their lesson. It's just a quote - I'm more...not offended but annoyed by all the 'geek' and 'nerd' t-shirts worn by people who have never had it used against them!

  9. I loved Mean Girls, I would still watch it if I saw it on. But I wouldn't buy that shirt, or anything with "Boo, You Whore" on it, which I've also seen - there are so many better quotes in that movie that could be used if someone really, really feels that merchandise from a ten-year-old film is necessary. "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink" was used for a really successful nail blog link-up every Wednesday whereby all participants would use pink in a mani, and I loved looking at all those. I also saw a hairclip that just said "Full of Secrets" which I thought was clever. Any of the actual "mean" sayings just look bitchy, and ridiculous - you can't wear a shirt that says "you can't sit with us" when you're on your own. It's like wearing an "I'm with stupid" t-shirt that points up at your own face. Also not a CLUE who Lauren Pope is.

  10. Mean Girls is one of my favourite films because I was Janice Ian in high school back in the 80's. I was hounded constantly about how I looked, mohawk and combat boots by all the girls like Gretchen Weiners and Regina George. I was called a lesbian, spat at, corned in the bathrooms etc. The writer Tina Fey has encapsulated how shallow and shitty American high school is when everyone pretends it's all smiles and bubblegum!


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