Wednesday, 5 February 2014

You Know You Are A Parent When.......

You know you are a parent when, 

Going to the toilet alone is but a distant memory.

Ditto a bath or a shower.

You class going to McDonalds as going out for a meal.

You can answer the question, "Why"? with "because I said so"

You will eat leftovers off of someone else's plate and feel no shame.

You have forgotten what drinking a hot drink is actually like.

You have new names for animals, "Look, theres a SQUIGGEL"

Got any more to add?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. The constant bloody guilt. The endless repetitive reading of 'Dear Zoo'. Being able to tell The Gruffalo from memory. Being unfazed at the smell of sick/poo. Buying stronger air fresheners. Singing the theme tune to 'Something Special' AND doing the sign language (while the kid is having their nap).

    God, I could go on FOR EVER and he's only fifteen months old.

  2. When you're asked to spell every freakin' word in the world. When you have to answer the ''Why?'' question. When you're being pulled along every minute of the day - physically. When you have to keep your make up bits and pieces under lock and key. When you sit your arse to the toilet - finally - and suddenly SOMEONE *needs* to pee. When you don't get to relax until after the 11pm run to the toilet with a 3 yr old so they don't wet the bed. When you survive on 4 hours sleep and still manage to cook, clean, dress a tiny person as they're rolling about giggling on the floor.....

    Still though. For his wee smile, I'd move mountains. Well, I'd give it a go. xx

  3. When you open your handbag and rather than pulling out a lipstick you pull out an action figure! xx

  4. You've forgotten what a full nights sleep is and when the chance arises you take it rather than sex. Your front room looks like Mothercare/Kiddiecare. You want to punch people who tells you it gets better (my baby is 2 weeks old and thinks night is playtime)

  5. im not a parent, but a trained nursery nurse, ive worked in a few different nurseries,babysat, helped and in school and volunteered in after school clubs! so I have a few-

    knowing every single nursery rhyme off by heart. and waking up with nursery rhymes in your head.

    emptying your coats pocket you find a broken pencil,a sweet wrapper, a lot of sand, dirt, a tissue and a toy car.

    changing a nappy is second nature, and you always KNOW when theres a dirty nappy in the room.

    you can clean and tidy a mess made by 12 toddlers at lunch time, with a 6 month old on your hip.

    potty training is the Bain of your life.

    getting a child to sleep is the best part of your day.

    you know that standing on a giant lego brick is the worst pain ever.

    I can think of many more! but children, and working with them is so rewarding :)

    Catherine x

  6. When you know that sleep is either a myth or mightily over-rated.
    When you point out tractors to your husband - 'look, tractor...!'
    When you get soaked to the skin at 8.45am and 3.30pm every single day on the Chinese water torture otherwise known as the school run...grrrrr.
    When you find the top of your sleeve covered in snot on a regular basis...

    When hearing I love you from a little person puts all the world to rights.

  7. When a person in costume walks down the street and you exclaim "WOOO ITS PEPPA!" then realise you're alone. Then wave at her anyway.
    When you have one coat pocket for phone and keys and the other pocket for shells, lightning mcqueen and a plastic spanner.
    When you cant answer the question "whats your fave movie" because the only ones you remember EVER watching are Cars, Despicable Me, Planes and Wreck it Ralph.
    When you try and post a reply on a blog but it takes you 20 minutes because you have to stop to change a babys nappy while being jumped on by a toddler. ;)

  8. When you realise you're up at 7am on a Saturday. And Sunday. And everyday...


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