Monday, 10 March 2014

Holiday Away From The Kids

I've been reading today about Kate & William going on holiday and leaving their crotchfruit at home with granny....

Hardly a news story, until you read that people are "up in arms" over this. 


When my eldest was 7 months old I would have left them at home with the dog I was so bloody tired (not strictly true, I didn't have a dog) 

If you are "angry and upset" that William & Kate have left George with a loving grandparent while they go on holiday, may I make this suggestion.

Get a piece of paper and a pen, write down your grievances on the aforementioned piece of paper, wrap it around something bristly and then stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

YOU may not leave your child to go on holiday when your baby is 7 months old, that's your choice, please let other people parent their children how they see fit. 

What do you think about Prince William and Kate going on holiday? 

Let me know. 

Big Fashionista x x 

(Anon is on so if you wish to leave your comment anonymously, feel free, but all comments are taken seriously so please feel free to disagree with me) 


  1. It's their choice.....What's it got to do with anyone else! If they weren't in the public spotlight like they are nobody would bat an eyelid....

  2. People should worry about their own lives instead of others. We went away for four days when our eldest was 6 months, leaving him with grandparents and some friends were snarky about it. For goodness sake! It's great that they spend quality time with their grandparents and parents return refreshed and happy.

  3. I think it's completely acceptable, I think so many people would see it completely differently if they were working class and going away due to work! And it's great that George spends quality time with his grandparents!!

  4. Wasn't even aware that was an issue! Surely they deserve a break though, any parent deserves a break!

  5. Sake! Go on holiday when you can. If you have lovely parents that want to look after the baby,let them!

  6. I wish someone would leave me with the queen to be pampered & mollycoddled by butlers & nannies for a week.

  7. I'm fine with them doing it and wouldn't judge them or any other parent simply because they have made sure he is with someone who loves him and will watch him like the apple of their eye, but it wouldn't have been an option for me. I just wouldn't have been comfortable leaving Amy that young, despite fully trusting my parents with her x

  8. If they brought him with them people would give out about bringing a small child travelling. I personally couldn't give a shiny shite what they do or who babysits for them, but for what it's worth I think it'll be a welcome break for the baby, at least at his Nana's house he can relax and shit himself in peace without a pap shoved in his face and a load of pimply royal-obsessed Daily Mail fuckers trying to figure out which random relation he's starting to look like.

  9. Entirely their choice. I left my eldest with her grandparents for the weekend when she tiny. Hasn't done her any harm. You need to be able to have time together as a couple, even if you are 2nd in line to the throne!

  10. "crotchfruit" - I just spluttered water over my Lappy - thanks!
    Having a sproglet 4 weeks younger than his Royal Nibbs, I would welcome a break,

    Its no one elses business, and its not news Suzie x

  11. Er I'm jealous! I'm in a coffee shop in Leeds right now while my 3 sprogs (including 9 month old twins) are safe and sound having an awesome time with good old Nanny. I've only been away one night and I'm back this evening but holy moly babies are exhausting. If I could take a week off with hubs to remember how it feels to be a couple and not mum and dad 24/7 I'd jump at the chance. xo


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