Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Is Over Sharing, Caring?

A man walks into a bar........

Once he gets up, he tweets about it, three people Instagram it, Reddit does a whole article on it where people photoshop the man walking into various different objects, Buzzfeed creates a list of the top ten things you do NOT want to walk into, (and a bar doesn't even make the list, Ukraine was No 1) and the man's mum only finds out about it when she sees his pictures on Facebook. (LIKE) 

We have a habit of sharing EVERYTHING we do on social media, and yes, I am also including myself in that statement. From our dinners on Instagram, to our hair disasters.

(Just don't) 

We all like to share what is going on in our lives, (sometimes it's the only way my mother gets to see what I'm up to) but is there such a thing as over sharing?

Over the weekend a teenage girl in America cost her parents over £50,000 after sharing on Facebook the news that her father had won a case against his employers. Guess who forgot about the confidentiality agreement that had been signed? (whoops) Most Expensive Facebook Post EVER?

People can argue that she didn't think, or perhaps thought that it didn't mean she had to be quiet about it, but it is just another case of sharing something on social media that perhaps, you know? Shouldn't be out there.

The same can be said about drunk tweeting, Fun at the time, but the next day? CRINGE.

Just sometimes, sharing just isn't caring. Do I care what was in your babies nappy? (Oh god, don't Instagram it) Do I want to know that you are horny? (Nope) and do I ever want to know that you got up late and are wearing yesterdays underwear? (I think you know the answer to this one) 

I like to share what I am doing, some may think that I too, over share, but trust me, if you knew the things that I held BACK, I'm just giving you the tip of the iceberg.

Sometimes the sharing of things, such as a hair bleaching disaster, can be fun, and WHO can forget the  sharing that happened on THIS post -> Sexual Healing (cum in the eye anyone?) Other people sharing their misfortunes and being able to laugh at themselves can be a fantastic pick-me-up. We have a giggle and thank God it wasn't us.

So carry on sharing your hair disasters, your tweets about being stuck on the loo with no loo roll, in fact, share with me the most embarrassing thing thats happened to you lately. 

Just DON'T share it if you've signed a confidentiality agreement, Ok?

Let me know,

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Over sharing .... "I'm doing a poo " "best poo EVER!" yes these have appeared in my timeline on FB, no I didn't hit the like button.
    It makes me cringe! CRINGE A LOT!!! I seething I can never unsee, know things that not even a gynae or proctologist want to know about. For the love of coffee Noooo more!
    Although please do share hair disasters as thy make me feel better when I totally fuck my hair up :-D

    I tend to share the funny or good things on FB and twitter. Everyone must thinkin have a fabbydoo life..... I don't, but why share the Shit stuff (see what I did there?).
    I say no to over sharing, but yes yo Daft sharing. The world needs more daftness :-)

  2. Oh yes, we have all been there. Not sure about the cum in the eye thing. I havent but I know someone that has lol.
    Had to laugh at the Ukraine comment.

  3. Think before your Tweet for sure! There is a place and time for everything but sometimes my TL doesn't need it at all. I can't wash my eyes out!

    Embarassing moment that's recent? Baby pooh on my cheek, don't know it got there but boy I knew it was there (Baby pooh should be sold as weaponary).

  4. Noooo! I can't believe that she put that up on FB and her dad had to fork out that much! I think the thing is that people do forget, they use it almost as a thought transference platform; but not everything we think is verbalised as our brains do that thing of censoring. I think if you wouldn't say it, then you shouldn't tweet/Instagram/FB it.

    Especially a shitty nappy.

  5. Oh yes, so very true. I'm really trying to stop sharing the minutia of life and focus on what counts.... maybe I'll become a stalker rather than a talker on #SoMe...

  6. Love this and 100% agree. Love seeing peoples dinners (i love food) or love hearing a random funny story but really dont care about your little ones snot bubbles......
    Have u seen the youtube vid of the woman who was doing a 'how to eat healthy' vlog but ate a super hot chilli and the vid is of her basically coughing and crying. So funny! So glad she still decided to share it.....things like that need to be out there! (Like u say its good to laugh at yourself).



  7. This is hilarious, I love it. I have had to remove so many of these over-sharers from Facebook. You know the ones, where you know absolutely everything about them but you haven't seen them in 10 years. Its really depressing but think some people chose it as a cheap form of therapy. Lets try to keep some things private :-) Little London Girl x


  8. OK, this was before Christmas but my face is still red. So, I was doing a bit of naked housework, as you do. The Tesco shopping delivery arrived. Hubby went out to take it in, and I carried on going. All of a sudden, a big gust of wind opened the living room door. I was stood there in all my *ahem* glory, and the female delivery driver's face was one of shock. Her mouth made a perfect O and I wanted the ground to swallow me up. Fuck.

  9. WHO would take a photograph of a shitty nappy? Like what kind of person is all "oh you pooed!! Well done!! Hang on there with your arse up in the air while I get my camera" - jesus.

    Most embarrassing thing recently was fairly mild but it made me BURN - I was in Tesco and this woman walked up beside me and said in a really friendly voice "Hiya!! How are you doing? Haven't talked to you in ages!" - I hadn't a clue who she was but I'm crap with faces so I just said "Oh hi!! Jesus it's great to see you, I'm really good" - she looked at me as if I had actually just shown her a shitty nappy, she was talking to someone on her phone, not to me.................incredibly cringey


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