Sunday, 2 March 2014

Is This The Worst Advert in History?

I'm just going to leave this PaddyPower Advert here, and let you decide.

I for one think this is vile, and disgusting on so many levels. It isn't funny, it isn't clever.

Paddy Power should hang their head in shame.

What do you think about this Paddy Power advert?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x

UPDATE 5th of March

The ASA have ordered the removal of this advert. 


  1. That's the second post I've seen on it in quick succession. I'm surprised it's legal tbh, it's absolutely horrific. A woman died.

  2. the whole trail is wrong it is glamorising murder in my eyes with no jury and full TV access her parents & family are seeing this splashed across the world in lurid techni colour and now adverts mocking the process ......... #paddypowerfail

  3. Pretty disgusting to make light of a murder.

  4. Pretty disgusting to make light of a woman's murder.

  5. "Money back if he walks" - a man with no legs. Accused of murdering his girlfriend. It's disgusting enough that they take bets on murder trials in the first place but to tie it in with the Academy Awards and then advertise........................shocked, appalled, disgusted, ashamed on behalf of the human race.

  6. I hope her family sue their bloody asses!! Possibly thee most vile ad in years, no regard for the family or the that poor women who had her life stolen. I agree with points above this trail has been like a circus, it's disgusting

  7. Horrific! Who ever thought that was a good idea needs their head seeing to

  8. It's absolutely reprehensible. They should make a VERY vast donation to charities for female murder victims. Total cnuts.

  9. It's just plain wrong. Gambling is a dodgy thing anyway for me, but this is just beyond common decency


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