Saturday, 8 March 2014

IWD - Who Inspires Me?

I thought for a while about this, I really didn't want international Women's Day to go pass without marking the occasion on my blog, and I want to talk about the women that inspire me, probably without even realising it. 

I am inspired by the women that hate me. (There are a few) 

This is a thank you to all the women in my life who have willed me to fail, who have tried to make me cry and have spent their time hating me and tried to spoil the wonderful new life I have built for me and mine

You INSPIRED me to keep going, when I was ready to give up, the thought of you laughing at my misfortunes kept me going. When I was sad, I wiped away the tears and never let you see me cry. Your hatred which engulfed you? I don't have that. Instead I let negativity go and embrace positivity so that I don't end up like you. Bitterness and anger are not part of my make-up. 

I am happy, and despite your best attempts, I will stay happy. 

So thank you, you helped me more than you will ever know, and ever intended.

Kellie x x 



  1. Haters always gonna hate, and you mu dear will always be awesome :-D

  2. Great way of turning a negative into a positive. If only we could have a bit more unity amongst women though x


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