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Mental Health, Is Laura Cunliffe also a victim?

I haven't got a smart title for this post, I just feel I need to write it, I was reading about the woman sentenced to 14 weeks for microwaving her kitten. Laura Cunliffe was WRONG. Of that I have no doubt.

Here is the article on the BBC News.

HOWEVER, I am not sure that a jail sentence is the right path of action for a woman who suffers from psychotic depression and has been sectioned over TWENTY times in her life.

Is this not another case of being let down by cuts in the mental health department and then when it all goes wrong, sweeping up the pieces afterwards?

So many people seem to slip through the cracks when it comes to mental health,

Is Laura Cunliffe also a victim?

Here is what her family said in court.

As she was sentenced a family member shouted from the public gallery: "She doesn't know what's happening - she hasn't a clue."
Another shouted: "This is a failure of medical services, judge."

What she did was horrendous, and I will never condone it,  but reading people saying that SHE needs to be put in a microwave? Surely a step too far?

I do not think jail is the answer and I hope that she gets the help she obviously so desperately needs.

But I do not think jail was the answer.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I think you have it bang on there. Its am extreme case of animal cruelty, there is no avoiding that but its also an extreme case of yet again mental health issues going unnoticed! Its a sad case of 'look the other way syndrome'

  2. I think it is scary and sad that in this day and age people still do not have understanding for mental health issues. I totally agree the system is failing so many with the cuts that are still going on. A prison sentence is only going to make things worse she is obviously a vulnerable person who needs somw support x

  3. I think there are several issues at work here. Yes she appears to have been horribly let down by the health system. It is a simple and sad fact that there is simply not enough resources to go round and those people who do not have good support systems outside of the health service are far less likely to have the help and support they need to access services within the health service.
    And yes the idea that she should deserve the same treatment as she gave the cat is just deplorable.
    However, I do not believe having a mental health problem exonerates her from what she did. I have mental health issues. I know the difference between right and wrong and would never have done it. I know people who have far more serious mental health issues, on par with what this lady appears to have. They know the difference between right and wrong and would never have done it. I know people with mild and severe learning dissabilities who STILL would never have done such a thing.
    The point I am trying in my long winded way is that her mental health should not be used as an excuse for her behaviour, and should therefor not influence the type of sentance she recieves for her crime.

  4. I really don't like how the tone of that article is more sympathetic towards the kitten than to the poor woman. They assume that the poor animal was subjected to many instances of cruelty - that's a pretty big assumption. Any person who could do that to an animal clearly isn't thinking straight and needs a hell of a lot of help. Unfortunately she isn't going to get that help in prison where she'll more than likely be mocked and ridiculed by other inmates - that'll help her state of mind alright. Baffled as to why she got to that stage considering her history - someone who has been sectioned 20 odd times clearly has severe recurring mental issues that need to be looked at more closely and monitored intensely.

  5. To say that she needs to be put in the microwave is disgusting,
    & yeah maybe she slipped through the cracks but I still believe she knew what she was doing.
    I'm a real cat love so it's hard not to hate her for what's been done.
    WHY DID SHE HAVE A KITTEN IN THE FIRT PLACE!? If she's THAT mentally suffering she shouldn't have been giving something to look after.
    I can't help but feel she's just playing on it a little in order to get off lighter.
    The media is a horrible thing to.

    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains


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