Friday, 14 March 2014

Nom or Vom

As it's the F1 this weekend, someone suggested Jenson Button as this weeks Nom or Vom. Who am I to argue?

So this weeks Nom or Bom issssssss,

Jenson Button.

So let me know, 

Jenson Button, Nom or Vom?

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. Nom nom nom - fast cars and traveling the world as well? Yes please I'd be his personal massager :-)

  2. Total nom! Yes he's cute, rich, talented and has a great body but he also seems like a genuinely lovely guy. I've liked him since his girlfriend did Fame Academy years ago and he was so supportive, and hot! (showing my age a bit there)

  3. I keep looking hoping I'll suddenly think nom but actually, there is something ...nope sorry, vom from me

  4. nom, nom, nom, noooooooom! one of my biggest crushes ever. Cute English guy, how can one say no? ;)

  5. VOM! I met him once (used to own a restaurant where I live) what an utter plonker, he is so full of his own self importance and hot air I am surprised he isn't floating off into space! URGH URGH URGH!

    1. Oh no! He seemed so nice... May be changing my mind if he has a big ego. Big turn off!

  6. vom. It was the cheesy adverts that done it for me.

  7. I want him to be a nom as I love F1 and support him as a driver, but no, it's a vom. Now Mark Webber on the other hand......Nom nom nom!

  8. VOM sorry button I'd rather drive with Louis


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