Monday, 24 March 2014

Six Months Of Hair Colour

I've always loved having freshly coloured hair but until I moved to Leeds and started to have more confidence in myself the most out there colour that my hair has been is red and not even a really bright red either. 

But the great thing about being loved unconditionally is the confidence it brings to try new colours and over the last six months or so I've had my hair a LOT of colours. 

Let me show you.

I'm surprised I have any hair left!!!

And yes. I want to go a brighter red than it is now!

What do you think? 

What colour suits me best?

And what colour would you love to dye your hair? 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x 



  1. I have a friend who's really dark hair but has to bleach streaks of it blonde so she can put purple in it. She likes purple.

  2. I think a vibrant purple would be cute! My hairs been every colour under the sun over the past 10ish years (Apart from black. Made that mistake 15 years ago - never again!!) It's currently the turquoise colour that you have in your profile photo. I looove it but I may be tempted to by purple in a few months... maybe for autumn.
    Katt xo

  3. Gorgeous! I wish I had the courage to pull off colourful hair! x

  4. you are going to think I am mad and I cant believe I am going to say this but I think you look gorgeous in green! Red suits you too. There was a sexy look to your blonde but being honest - I think it doesn't highlight your features as well the other colors. Have you tried brown hehe?

  5. I think red is very you :) though green is great too! ive dyed my hair black since I was 16, but I would love to have purple streaks in my hair. a trainee hairdresser friend tried to put purple streaks in my hair a few years ago but it went pink....

    Catherine x

  6. Kellie,

    My favourite colour of yours is the bright red. Never, ever go blonde - I know he above 'blonde' pic was a pre-colour bleach, but it really demonstrates the badness of blonde for you, IMHO

    I used to like dying my hair when I was young - I went black as a teenager for a few months (goth phase - too hard to keep it that way) and it's been various shades of auburn and copper which suits me best, as my colour is naturally dark chestnut and I am fair and slightly sallow-skinned with green eyes (a true autumn).

    However, now I am older, and have a good sprinkling of greys,I am not so keen on using any colour, even semi-permanent, as I hate seeing the contrast between silver re-growth and the 'young hair' dyed bit, plus the fact that I've become more sensitive to chemicals, so I can't use anything too harsh. Washing out the semi-permanent took well over a year!

    I actually look very young for my ancient age (I will only admit to there being a 7 in the year of my birth) and I have long hair, but because it is very fine, the greys come through as very shiny silver, so, conversely, I feel more confident with it not dyed, rather than having to hide a desperate-looking re-growth.

    I am currently aiming to enhance the natural hair colour, but not covering the silver. I've been trying Aveda colour enhancing conditioner for this purpose, and it seems to work well, and make my hair very shiny.

    Funnily enough, since I let the silvers shine through, other people have questioned if I'm planning another child (if they actually knew how BLOODY OLD I really was, they wouldn't ask), It just goes to show how much of a taboo being even slightly silvery-haired is these days. The only time a woman WOULDN'T be dying her hair is if she's pregnant. It's a case of 'Why doesn't she dye her hair? She's not pregnant or planning - DOES NOT COMPUTE!' And I just laugh internally at their puzzlement over what is simply a sprinkling of silver strands in an otherwise youthful-looking woman.

    I do like seeing bright and interesting colours on other people though, I tend to find those are interesting people too, and I admire their commitment to keeping the colour going :)

  7. I like the red, it really gives you a lovely skin tone.

  8. I liked the look when you were called 'the mermaid lady' at the school gate. Having been a teenage blonde (it was 1985), and now living the jet black look, I salute you for covering all bases inbetween...

  9. Its got to be pink next I think, a nice bright fushia (Peppa Pig Pink)


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