Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wayne Rooney, Over-Paid and Over-Hyped.

I'm slightly late to this party, but it is only because I have been so gobsmacked by the actual figures involved, that I have been unable to actually write down in words just exactly how PISSED off I am that Wayne Rooney is earning approximately.........

£300,000 a week. 



and that is without sponsorship deals on top of those figures!

Excuse me while I go and retch up my stomach contents because to me, that is pretty indigestible.

Firstly, I am sorry, but NO-ONE is worth £300,000 a week. There are people out there on the front lines of the NHS, teachers, our emergency services and other extremely worthy professions that are worth a hell of a lot more than they are being paid, but £300,000 a week is just obscene.

I would add that up to the yearly amount but I haven't got anything left in my stomach and I don't want to yak up a kidney, or other vital organ. 

The top professional footballers can earn a vastly over-inflated amount of money, for what exactly? Kicking a ball around? Sorry, but in my eyes, no-one needs to earn that much money a week for playing keep-uppy. It is football, and I am a huge fan of my team but that is too much money for anyone to earn, even a top-flight footballer.

And how much is a season ticket for Manchester United these days anyway? Or any season ticket for a premiership team?

When you are paying out for your match ticket, are you impressed that Wayne Rooney gets paid such a large sum of money?

Or would you rather your ticket was cheaper?

Is the rising cost of footballers wages driving up the price for the average fan in the stands?

I can't afford to take my three children to watch a game of football, but it's ok, Wayne Rooney and other players like him, can.

£300,000 a WEEK?

Are top players worth this amount?

Is anyone worth this amount?

I would love your thoughts on this matter? Whether you are a fan of the beautiful game or not, have your say.

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  1. If he drops 50p, he's "earned" it back before it hits the floor.

    And as much as I disagree with ANY inflated wage for a footballer (note, only football - these types of wages don't exist elsewhere in sport), you wouldn't turn it down if it was offered to you.

  2. Or to put it another way. He get's paid more than the England Rugby team. He gets paid more than AIG paid to sponsor the New Zealand All Blacks. So, far wages for a job well done and value for money? I'm thinking not. Maybe a lifetime supply of Brylcream and shoe laces like the old days would be more appropriate

  3. I can't even grasp the amount of money that he is getting paid but I massively agree that nobody is worth that money. £300,000 a year is still a hell of a lot and he earns that a week, it genuinely hurts my head to think about! Disgraceful, considering all they do is run around a patch of grass, scoring the occasional goal and diving around pretending to be injured for attention!

    Juxta-Rose x

  4. A surgeon who saves lives on a daily basis might be the only kind of person who I would even consider being worth £300,000 per week. It infuriates me no end that there are pricks like this prancing around a field kicking a ball, earning that kind of money. Makes me quite sick actually, I prefer not to think about it.

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  5. I am a cricket fan and I would love if the all of Sussex team gets paid that much. But as long as fans buys their tickets without questioning the price players gets paid more and more. I hope he give some of it charity...

  6. Wayne Rooney earns £30 per minutes, compared with Robert Downey Jr's £75 and Madonna's £175. That's each minute, waking or sleeping, not just working minutes. So how come footballers' wages are considered obscene, but not entertainers? I've always thought it's a class thing; here are these working class lads who have vast sums of cash and perhaps spend it in a slightly vulgar way, and people think they've got above their station. But the thing is, they are the very, very best at what they do, out of many billions of people who play football, they alone have reached the pinnacle.

    In addition to that, gate receipts make up very little of United, Real Madrid etc revenues; global merchandising is far more valuable and having big name players is a major contributor to this. While nurses and surgeons do sterling jobs, people in bars in the Far East don't want to watch them do their work or have shirts with their names on them. It's a free market; supply and demand. You might not like it, but we've all voted for it.

    I might add that I am a Man Utd season ticket holder and have been for many years, and I was delighted when Rooney signed his new deal. Good luck to him. We're all trying to make as much money as we can, footballers' careers are short, and I don't think anyone would turn it down.

  7. I agree with the above, if Wayne Rooney can get himself that kind of money then good luck to him, if it was me I would be doing the exact same x

  8. Completely agree that it's obscene, but if we try to find a silver lining amongst that ever-thinning thatch, it's the £150k a week going into the tax pot from American insurers. *goes back to clutching at all the straws*

  9. I completely agree that it's an absolutely ridiculous amount of money and more than anybody could ever possibly spend but as Darling pointed out above, lots of actors, singers etc earn similar amounts of money but don't seem to come under the same kind of scrutiny for it as footballers. I guess at the end of the day it all comes down to supply and demand - as long as the general public are willing to fork out for tickets, merchandise etc then that's the way it's gonna be!

  10. If literally millions of people all over the world will stop what they are doing and pay to see him play then I am not sure I begrudge him it. If a rockstar writes a song and that many people buy it then should that person not get to live in a mansion. It is a global's a product we export, money is flowing into it from all over the world....a lad from Croxteth is seeing a lot of the revenue.


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