Thursday, 6 March 2014

Why Do You Blog?

As I mentioned earlier on in the week, I had a bit of a loss of love for blogging last week. (Sorry blog, it was me, not you, honest) and while it has been a much better week for me in terms of blogging for the enjoyment of it, it is still something that I am working at quite hard (hard-ish, ok, i'm basically floating through, but you know what I mean?) 

When I first started blogging, I wasn't in a great place, I wasn't who I wanted to be, and quite frankly, I was an angry person with no outlet. Big Fashionista BECAME that outlet, Big Fashionista almost became a person in her own right, the person that I WANTED TO BE.

And now four years on, I am happy, content, and in a really good place (Leeds) and so I have lost a bit of the reason why I STARTED blogging.

The great thing about a blog, be it a fashion blog, beauty, lifestyle or even just an online diary, is that it gives you a permanent reminder of how much you have grown or changed as a person. Things that perhaps I USED to get angry about, now do not bother me. I look back at old posts and sometimes, I have changed my opinion since I wrote the original post. (usually due to reading a great comment showing a different opinion that perhaps I hadn't thought of, or just a comment driving me to finding out more) 

But the reason I continue, is because I love to write, I could not even imagine not having this space that I can call my own, (With you guys dropping round for coffee and hugs in the comments) 

Now high-five the cat.

But to cut what is quite frankly just a long brain fart (with no follow-through) short, I just want to ask you bloggers out there,

Why Do YOU blog?

What started you blogging and what drives you on?

I am really interested in why you do it, are you like me and just couldn't imagine not doing it? Or do you yearn for the day that your blog relinquishes its hold over you?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. I blog because I love to write, I've always loved writing since I was at school and I love sharing my opinions. Also I've discovered I like taking photographs so for me blogging just makes sense. It's become my bit of escapism and I honestly couldn't imagine not doing it :)

    Glad you've found your happy place now :) x

  2. I started blogging a few years ago as a way to showcase my online presence to get a job in social media, but actually I've always loved writing. I wanted to be Suzy Dent as a kid, I've always loved words. A few months ago, I realised that I was writing blog posts because they were similar to ones I've read elsewhere. They hardly got any traction and I was getting a bit down about it. I realised that I clearly wasn't coming across as genuine anymore, so I've stopped telling myself NOT to write about something that may not fit in with a theme. I'm just writing whenever the hell I feel like it, whether it's about an outfit, a restaurant or just a random thought that's popped into my head. I'm so much happier with where I am now, now I remember that blogging is just for fun!

  3. I first started blogging almost 10 years ago because my hubby suggested it. He's always been a gamer so I guess he wanted me to have a hobby so he'd feel less guilty. I was keen to make a connection with people - still am. I had a blog which was a kinda online diary, then I started blogging on MySpace about all sorts, and then in 2008 or 2009 I started writing what started off being an online diary/beauty blog, but I really found my niche about 18 months ago when I started blogging about my plus size outfits.

    I'm really glad you're happier now. :) x

  4. I started blog on and off a few years ago, in different ways, like my photography, or to back up my YouTube channel, and on different sites before setting with The Wright Times. I still have the other blogs hiding away in the background but The Wright Times is my main one now. I have started getting more and more into it due to traumas in my life like 3 close family members passing away in a short time apart. I just needed an outlet. Somewhere to voice stuff so to speak. In a way its like therapy. Sitting alone in a room just typing away. Putting my thoughts onto my blog. It helps keep the brain ticking over. Also reading other peoples blogs is good fun as well. I've had some really good laughs reading some of the stories.

  5. I think even over the past year that i have been blogging why i do it has constantly been changing. I first started as a place to share with my sister about all the things we get up too and we werent too fussed on writing or pictures. Now i am solo it has been tricky to find my own voice, now i share mainly my love for beauty and parts of my life. For me its become a place to express myself, talk to like minded folks and be able to share my opinions. Mainly as i have severe anxiety its a community to which i can feel part of, able to talk to people and share interests :) becki xx

  6. I blog because I never thought anybody listened to me nor cared. So thought I'll just blog about stuff I want to blog about and maybe people with similar interests will listen and enjoy.

    This is actually a genuine answer Kel. Lol i was going to write what I wrote on twitter
    "being loud and obnoxious in the street got me an.asbo " but thought I'd write a genuine reason.
    I am a,creative person. I like to express,my feelings and interests via social outlets. That's why I am on twitter alot. I like community communicating. I started blogging to come incide with my podcasts and get out there to more people.
    That's why I named my blog #notlistening it's because I actually felt nobody was in a time of my life.

    Since then I have blogged and met some great people. I've blogged about entertainment stuff personal stuff (ie. My phase of crossdressing) and opened up to being a more accepting person.

    I love blogging but I choose how I want to do it.
    So all in all. I started blogging because I felt nobody was,listening to me. And why do I blog now? Because I love talking xxx

    There you go x

  7. Thank you for sharing Kellie! I am often curious about why others blog.

    I blog because I have a million zillion things going on upstairs and in all honesty, not many people want to listen to me go on and on about the most random things. I go from one subject to another and they are frequently not even mildly connected (you've seem my blog right?). My tastes are varied so much so that in many ways it has isolated me so I chose to blog to let it all out in a space where a passerby might care or share any interest in something? The alternative is that I stand on a street corner jabbering away to anyone or myself and we know how people treat people like that.

  8. I started my blog just after I'd finished Uni. I'd just moved back home, was waiting to start a new job and found myself with a whole Summer ahead of me with no idea what to do with it.
    I'd been reading fashion blogs for ages and liked the idea of starting my own. That and I loved writing and didn't want to stop just because I'd graduated and no longer had a reason to.
    A year and a half later and I still enjoy doing it which is why I carry it on.

  9. I blog to help clear my mind. I can get a bit obsessive about things, often quite random subjects, neither good nor bad and I find the process of putting these thoughts into coherant sentances and paragraphs with an introduction, middle content and some sort of conclusion (this stems from my student days and essay writing) helps quieten my inner voices. That sounds a bit nutty doesnt it lol :-/

  10. I started blogging because I love to write and wanted somewhere to read down my thoughts and how I was feeling. I used writing as a form of therapy and my blog effectively fixed a lot of the issues I had. It then morphed into a plus size fashion thing as well. I don't label it as one thing, but what it is, is something that I would never give up. My little ranting, fashion posting, crazy thoughts blog is a part of me. That sounds far more hippy trippy than I intended it to.

  11. I used to do a lot of filming and writing and then I had a major block and just kinda stopped. I got told to write morning pages and was inspired by other blogs to start blogging. I am lucky enough to work for an awesome company that gives me lots of experiences so I thought it would be awesome to share that with others.

    I started blogging mainly to get me writing and being creative again and talk to more people in the world. So far I am loving it xxx

  12. Because I can.

    And like you I have Tattooed Mummy - the woman I aspire to be....

  13. I just feel the worlds stopped listening and I blog to so whoever wants to read and listen can. I want to witter on about things I like and that make me happy and also so people can enjoy what I write.

  14. I wanted to write and I loved beauty after working in the industry for a while. Recently I've decided that there is more to life than lipstick and started to share more my views and opinions.

  15. i've always loved writing, i find it's a great way to get my thoughts down and you get to live something twice, i blog about days out and post a lot of pictures, it's a nice recap of that day or moment as otherwise a lot of family life would get forgotten or lost along the way. my boyfriend encouraged me to start it as it might help me with a career, that hasn't happened yet but hopefully my blog will take me places one day, it's already put me in charge of social media at work so who knows :D x

  16. I blog because I enjoy writing and the community that goes with it. I totally know what you mean about looking back and seeing how you've grown as a person, I've moved blogs 3 times now as I grow and change as a person, I feel the need for my blog to reflect me.


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