Tuesday, 15 April 2014

American Airlines, Twitter, and Threats

Take one 14yr old girl, give her a twitter account. And THIS is what happens?

Now I KNOW that not all 14yr old girls are this stupid, but it seems that this one is. Because let's be honest here, whether you think it is a harmless prank, or it reminds you of the #TwitterJokeTrial this girl was STUPID to tweet this to an airline, exactly WHAT did she think would happen here? Of course the airline have to take any threats like this extremely seriously, and they have now arrested her it seems, but I really don't know where they will go from here.

I do hope that she has learnt a valuable lesson, but I hope that it doesn't affect the rest of her life. 

What interests me is what you think should happen to her now, do you think she has been treated harshly over a prank or should she be charged?

Does it make a difference that this is a 14yr old girl? Would you feel differently if it was, for example, a 30yr old man? 

Let me know. 

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  1. It's impossible to police, but I'd sometimes like twitter to have age limits.Not only that but the law has been aware of twitter for a little while now in terms of libel, threats etc. This needs to be made clear in social medias' terms and conditions, not buried in small print.It's also a mind boggling thought that a lot of people out there are incredibly stupid, and half of those are stupid beyond belief. I read that somewhere and chuckled, then decided there was some truth in it.She obviously never thought anyone would read her ridiculous tweet but I hope someone pays her a visit and puts her straight and leaves it at that. A kick up the arse, in other words.

  2. A Twitter account in the hands of a 14 year old is a dangerous thing. Lets face it some people in their 30's shouldn't be let loose on Twitter, she was stupid to do this and has hopefully learned a valuable lesson! I think Twitter should have an age restriction but also as parents we should also be aware of what our children are doing online as well.

  3. Wow, that's incredible. I guess the shock of even the reply was enough, but for her to have been arrested I think that will make her (and her friends) think twice before they do anything stupid like that again. Whoever wrote the tweet was clearly doing it as a harmless joke, but I think they need to be taught the seriousness of the internet and the powerful weapon it can be (ooh-err).

  4. I don't think that she should be charged, but she definitely deserves to be shaken up. Agree with what others have said - 14 years old + the internet, in general are not a good mix, and I'm glad that I didn't have the internet when I was 14! Yeah, it was stupid but more something to be dealt with by her parents than the law. If it was a 30 yr old bloke then it would be different because he would be (I hope) old enough to know how stupid it was!

  5. She's a child, a very silly immature child who shouldn't be on the internet. I hope her parents are contacted, I hope she gets a good talking to and I hope she learns from it. I think a lot of people think it's fair game, because you're sitting at home you can say what you want and there are no repurcussions. I'm glad that we're seeing follow-ups to trolling and stupidity. On a similar topic - did you see what US Airways tweeted "by accident"? A response to an unhappy customer came complete with a picture of a very naked woman shoving a model airplane up her fandango. I did laugh at that. Sorry.


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