Wednesday, 28 May 2014

B-loom-ing Bands

If you have experienced this,

loom bands on carpet


loom bands on sofa

Or even this, 

loom bands in coffee cup

Then congratulations, someone in your household is now making Loom bracelets. I say congratulations because while you are throwing packs of brightly coloured bands at your offspring it means that there are less bands in the world for me to buy.

Glittery ones, coloured ones, even glow in the dark ones, ALL of these have now been sucked up by my Hoover, been scooped out the loo and ended up in my bed, occasionally I too am made a Loom band which, if made by the 8 yr old is so bloody tight it cuts off circulation to my hand and turns my fingers blue. (I wonder, if I try to choke myself to death, will it feel like someone else is doing it?) 

Don't get me wrong, I love these pesky little bands, they keep my children amused for hours. (Usually when I've tied them down with them) and I must admit, the 14yr old is getting REALLY inventive and clever with them.

loom band design

loom bands

But the fact is, these pesky little bands get in more places than they really should, my house is overrun with them! We have a SHOEBOX full of them, and yet my children are thirsty for MORE! 

loom bands

(These are just the ones I picked off the stairs) 

(Not really) 

All of a sudden these bands are everywhere, and I don't just mean in my house, I've seen parents elbowing each other out of the way in toy shops for the last pack of glittery bands (sorry about that) and my Facebook is FULL of parents showing off the bands that they have made (I'm not sorry about that) 

Had your household been infected with the Loom band craze? 

Can you make good ones or seen any great tutorials? 

(My eldest also made a Minecraft one, I was very impressed, not so impressed by the fact she gave it to her sister who left it at school!) 

Let me know how you are getting on, and does anyone else keep having to buy new hooks? I can't be the only one. 

Big Fashionista 


  1. Dearest Daughter is almost 9 and loved them but isn't as skilled as yours. I'm squirrelling away bands and tutorials for her to watch during our arduous holidays... Think I can get TLF who is 6 into them?

  2. Somehow I don't really know what these are! I;m sure it's only a matter of time though....

  3. My niece is crazy for these hobby ... and is a demon loomer

  4. We got some for Kraken Junior last week and I'm already finding them in books, shoes and unopened margarine tubs.

  5. I've just been dragged into Newcastle to buy these today. Gee, as we speak is upstairs making bracelets.

  6. i've made a few and ordered more supplies today :) you can use crochet hooks aswell makes it a little easier :)

  7. The kids I teach are obsessed!

  8. im obssesed i have 5 tins and 3 organizers full i take them to school every single day they have baned them from lessons but not the play ground


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