Monday, 12 May 2014

Ben Affleck Banned From Vegas Casino

The last time I mentioned Ben Affleck here at Big Fashionista, it was when guest blogger Ella went all the way in on Muggs—aka Uggs for men. She had a good point because, well, the trend was right up there with other things that make me (and all of you, I'm sure) want to absolutely *vom*. And leading the way in the Muggs "revolution" was Affleck, whose 2013 continued to go downhill with the release of the abysmal Runner Runner. In case you haven't seen it yet, I'll sum it up for you: Ben Affleck's character is a online casino giant/swindler who ultimately gets served by one of the people (Justin Timberlake) he screwed over. To be fair to Ben, his acting chops were perfectly fine... it's just that the movie itself was complete and utter shite.

With that in mind, it's not terribly surprising to see that he's gotten into a bit of casino-related trouble. You see, the clearly talented gambler was recently throwing down at the blackjack tables at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. According to InterCasino's description, the Vegas-style approach to the popular card is particularly "thrilling" because four decks are used. You'd assume with that with all the cards being dispersed that the act of counting cards—known as making probability swing in your favor—would be impossible. Not for ol' Ben, who was able to keep track and take advantage of the system, which led to quite the unforgettable evening for the actor/writer/director.

You see, Affleck's card-counting scheme didn't go unnoticed. Now, to be clear, it's not like card counting is exactly illegal, but it is highly frowned upon by casinos across the globe. So when security guards at the Hard Rock figured out what he was up to... well, they promptly got rid of him. True story. The L.A. Times reported that he was tossed from the blackjack tables at that casino—for life! They apparently are OK with him playing any other games there, just not blackjack. That same article notes that he previously made bank ($800,000) playing the same game in the early 2000s.

The good news for Affleck, at least, is that he's got plenty of other stuff going on, so it's not like this banning is about to make much of an impact. In fact, he's so busy with his work that he was forced to delay his latest project as a director, Live By Night, according to Entertainment Weekly. The reason being that he's too tied up with his role as Batman in the next Superman movie, which is due out in theatres in May 2016. As for Live By Night—originally set for a December 2015 release—don't expect to see it until October 2016.

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