Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I Have A Confession

Yesterday, someone tweeted this picture.

Firstly, the answer is ANSWERING the cow. Seriously, I am sick of helping this kid get home. Can her parents not tag her?  Give her a curfew? How old is Dora anyway? I am all for children playing outdoors, but lets face it, the real question here is, does Dora have imaginary friends that she has created just to make up for the obvious lack of love from her family, OR, do they exist and Dora The Explorer is just like Adventure Time on acid!!!!!!!

I have a confession, After three children, the eldest being 13 and the youngest being 8,


Let's not even get me started on Mr Tumble.  (seriously, don't)

And apparently I am not alone, yesterday when I commented that kids characters now make me break out in wine, a lot of you felt the same.

Apparently, one of you has developed an irrational hatred of Bear In The Big Blue House. (Completely understandable) 

A few of you mentioned that Blues Clues gets switched off before it comes on so you don't have to even look at his stupid blue doggy face.

And Peppa Pig gets my vote for kids character I could actually see myself eating.

My worst, my absolute worst, is THIS

How Max didn't lose his job after locking this brat in a store cupboard I will never know. I would have. Whenever my children switched the programme on, I felt like locking myself in a cupboard. Shudder, the best moment of my life was when my children grew out of this programme. (Sad, but true)

Now I have confessed, I feel much better.

And now it is your turn.

Which childrens tv character makes you want to put your foot through the TV?

Who pushes YOUR buttons, making you press the off button?

Let me know.

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  1. So many female children characters are precosius, spiteful, egotistical little shits who require some serious intervention to sort out their awful know-it-all attitudes - almost (but not exclusively ) akways the girls, and I don't know why we are OK with that. Peppa, Lola (from Charlie and Lola), Bella as mentioned, even the non-main-characters (and non human) like Pru from Tilly and Friends, Blue Bird from Everything's Rosie, Petal the piglet in Big Barn Farm, there's always a "Me Me Me" charcacters and that character is usually female. The ball swings the other way too though, back to Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig is always getting lost, losing his glasses, getting a pancake stuck on the ceiling, claiming that it won't rain and getting stuck in the rain etc. Because he is the "foolish man" (this really gets to my husband!) Stereotyping in children's programmes is a bloody nightmare.

  2. The one that continues to offend me even though im not even sure if he still exists on screen is Barney the fucking Dinosaur. He is a creapy, slimey, pervy ucky thing. " I love you, you love me" no I actually don't, nevr had, never will.

    (But I do love Bear in the Big Blue House :-D )

  3. You've shared some faces I never wished to see again!
    I'm so glad my kids have outgrown all this nonsense and I get to watch Adventure Time/Regular Show on a loop these days :)

  4. Totally agree about Barney, his voice alone makes my skin crawl.

    Also agree about brattish, conceited Bella. However, as far as entire shows are concerned, I cannot stand Captain Mack (but particularly Tracy Trickster) and ALL the characters on Jim Jam and Sunny.

    What's that show with the girl with the pink hair and her european friend with the pencil moustache who does back flips? Can't stand that guy. Sports candy indeed, you patronising wanker!

    However, I love Bear and Luna, particularly their voices.

    But because I am old, I will always love the Clangers, Fingerbobs (the Rick Jones version) and Hector's House most of all, and still enjoy the DVDs when my 7 year old watches them...and, yes, of course I used having children as an excuse to buy them for my own benefit :)

  5. Oh my days Peppa Pig. Don't even get me started on the standards of parenting on show! Ugh.

  6. My OH is convinced that one day Mr Tumble will be part of some Yewtree-style police operation in the future. I think this stems from his job in safeguarding! He just finds it very creepy that someone would hold a spotty bag on their lap and ask a child to put their hand in....! So I feel sorry for any future children we have who won't be able to watch a kids TV programme without their dad casting aspersions on the presenter (never mind that we grew up with Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris!)

  7. Oh gosh, I hate them all!!! The most hated would consist of Justin Fletcher (he gives me the creeps), the sodding teletubbies when they do that "again, again" thing at the end of a video clip and postman pat - the man is a moron!

  8. In the night garden. Those bastards, those Ninky-Noo Tombly-boo bastards. The ones that waddle around the garden looking like they've got baseball bats wedged up their holes.

  9. Got to be bloody Postman Pat. I love to hate him.

    He is dangerously incompetent. He is never on time, opens parcels, loses them, breaks them. You name it, he's done it. Yet they let him fly a bloody helicopter? You've got to be kidding me?

    Also, no one seems to notice how utterly shit he is? They all think he's amazing. I honestly want to shove his special deliveries up his arse.

  10. I just remembered Fireman Sam and Norman Price. Norman Price is an utter bastard.

  11. Pc Plum oh my god. I just... I cant even.
    Speaking of plums, Nanny Plum calls people stupid which reeeeally gets my goat. It meant my eldest went through a phase of everything being "shtooopid" and whenever I'd call him up on it, I was told it wasn't naughty because Nanny Plum says it. Urgghhh.

    Saying goodbye to telly was the best thing ever. No tv license = no Tiny Tumble. Only now we use Netflix instead which has the unbelievably catchy, highly annoying Yo Gabba Gabba; my 3 year olds latest obsession.


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