Friday, 2 May 2014

Nom or Vom

This week I asked people who they wanted to see on Nom or Vom, half naked and begging for your approval and the lovely Sera requested, (tweeted and whatsapped) she wanted this guy. I love that girl, who am I to argue. And he's hot, that always helps.

This week's Nom or Vom I bring you....

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns tattoos

Roman Reigns topless

Roman Reigns Tattoos

Roman Reigns shirtless and tattoos

Apparently a wrestler, I wouldn't mind him pinning me.

So, Roman Reigns?

Nom or Vom?

Big Fashionista x x 


  1. Omnomnomnomnomnom

  2. nom! that's a no brainer ;)

    Catherine x

  3. Nom? I'm basing this purely on the muscles and the ink ;) x

  4. Doesn't do it for me im afraid, vom

  5. Oh fuck no, his arms are like legs.

  6. Fuck yes. Oh, another one to add to my fantasy shag list!

  7. Oh NOM jeeeeeeeeeez to those arms he would defiantly be one for rougher times


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