Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Oriflame Event

On Saturday, I was invited to an event in Leeds held by Oriflame, being the sociable type of blogger that I am, I jumped at the chance to find out more about the brand that I remember my mother talking about when I was young.

The brand ambassador for Oriflame is MUA Gary Cockerill,

Gary is an inspired choice for Oriflame, he sat down with us and told his story about how he became a make-up artist, showing true passion for his job and his great belief in going out and working hard for what you want.  Gary was honest and open with us all and explained the range to us in depth, giving us a few handy tutorials along the way which were most welcome, (especially for me as I smear my make up on with a trowel)

Gary was promoting the new range by Oriflame which is called, The One.

The One are the main core products in the range, made better. We all got to see the range and I have to admit, it has left me wanting to find out a lot more about Oriflame and the products that they sell.

Gary showed us the range on a couple of willing guinea pigs  bloggers.

Everyone was impressed. We were given samples of the range to try for ourselves. I highly recommend the lipstick, (I've worn no other lipstick else since Saturday) and the nail varnish is a beautiful shade of pink that really looks great in the sunshine.

Obligatory shot with the famous person.
(Wasn't he lucky?)

You can find out more about Oriflame here ->

Are you a fan of Oriflame? Had you heard of them before or ever been to an Oriflame party?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. I was invited to that event but there was apparently no wheelchair access so it wasn't possible.
    I looked at the website though & the brand seems really cool with a great mission statement ^^

    More importantly...THAT DRESS!!!! So much love, it looks AMAZING & your hair is STUNNING!


  2. Annnnnnd you bought the dress!! It really suits you!! Looks like you had a fab time.



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