Thursday, 22 May 2014

Sorry, I Ovaryacted

Ovaryaction - A reaction made whilst on your period. 
(That noise you hear is the sound of all the men leaving the site) 

One can not be held responsible for an ovaryaction, it's hormonal, isn't it?

Apparently standing in the middle of Asda yelling, "But WHY do they not stock Always Maxi towels? They are like a hug for my vagina" is an ovaryaction.


Crying at a McDonalds advert CAN be classed as an ovaryaction.

Eating ALL the chocolate in the world MAY be seen by some as an ovaryaction, however I just call that, Saturday.

So ladies, when you find yourselves having to apologise for something you have done while on your period. Now you have a name for it. It's an ovaryaction. It's not your fault.

give yourselves a hug, (and get some Always Maxi pads) 

Have you ovaryacted lately?

I need a laugh, let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. I just cried at the word period, but I'm a man, so I don't think that's an ovaryaction.

  2. I spent a whole afternoon sobbing because it was awareness week for my disease & I kept seeing adverts on tv for every disease but my own. Totally an ovaryaction...based on real hurt but a huge ovaryaction - I NEVER cry about my disease. Except the day before my period apparently....


  3. I overreact daily. I have 5 days off a month.,..


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