Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Quite a few things grind my gears, 

The lack of calorie free ice cream. The fact that the Kardashians breathe oxygen on a day-to-day basis and one of them bore the crotchfruit of Kanye West, (seriously, those genes should have gone away quietly) the fact that Justin Beiber fans think they are listening to music and apologies that are not apologies.

Firstly, if you are in the wrong, apologise. It isn't difficult, I apologise if someone stands on my foot or bumps into me accidentally. "Whoops, sorry, entirely my fault" I can apologise to inanimate objects if I walk into them, (I'm good like that) 

So why the hell do so many people find an apology so hard to do?

Here's an example from social media today. 

Morrisons have projected a giant baguette onto The Angel Of The North, I am not going to begin to tell you how I feel about that, because quite frankly there will be too many swear words and Google Adsense already think I'm a bitch. (Whoops) 

So enough people have made a stir about this that Morrisons feel they should apologise.

And then they go and pull the "I'm sorry if you feel offended" 

The original non-apology, 

Non-apology 101.

Non-apology 101, lesson 1. This is such a well known way of not apologising that Morrisons may as well have projected their Chief Executive's arse onto the Angel and invited you to kiss it. 

Now this post isn't designed to just put the spotlight on Morrisons, (it's ok, I have a list) earlier on, this little gem of a tweet appeared. 

So wrong that it can NEVER be right, mental health is not something that can be mocked or used as a joke. Many, many people complained to @BristolUniCops and soon the offending tweet was pulled down and replaced with this.

I'm allowed to be offended at the lack of punctuation, aren't I? This apology shows about as much effort as I do at shaving my legs in January. Fuck ALL. They couldn't even take time to use 101, lesson one. That is one huge box of massive fucks that they do not give. 

So everyone please, work on your apologies, if you are wrong, say sorry, and don't be an arse about it. 

Companies, we know what a non-apology is, so don't even go there. 

I await with interest to see what kind of apology River Island come up with. 

Seen any massive non-apologies lately or has anyone apologised to you in this way? 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x 

PS, check out this Buzzfeed post about BlackMilk, you may have to copy and paste but I promise it's worth it. http://www.buzzfeed.com/alyssajayne/how-not-to-use-social-media-101-pgg2?s=mobile 


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  1. Distinct lack of apology from Morrisons. Also, who would think, 'oh, look at that giant baguette, how witty, I must go to Morrisons.'



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